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Peripheral Neuropathy Like Barbed Wire in my Limbs

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Chemo for Breast Cancer caused my Peripheral Neuropathy which blew out of control ten days ago. Already stressed by incapacitating back-spasm pain + had hive-like reaction to new vitamins + was running out of Gabapentin, so I was taking a reduced amount, and the mail order Rx had not arrived when I took the last pill. 

The next day, and for 3 days, nerve pain took over my being and ocular migraines raised their grip on me to continual squeeze. Coupled with the rioting nerve pain in my limbs - like dragging teeny barbed wire out of my pores - the migraines compromised my thinking skills, and my vision was cloudy. I was in such pain that I couldn't even find relief in sleep - no sleep for 3 days, and either hot or cold. Couldn't sit anywhere, lay on sofa and couldn't even concentrate on television. Hands hurt too badly to hold a book, and vision was too poor to read.

For 12 years I've had PN controlled but now it's all over the surface of my body - at least I can think now and I can type. Here's some of my research I wrote out:

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