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May 3, 2013 at 1:34 PMComments: 5 Faves: 0

Can I Haz Superpowers?

By E.M. Wollof from SLN More Blogs by This AuthorFrom the The Blog Cosmic Blog Series

Let's face it comic book lovers, there are many reasons why we read comic books, but there is an underlying compulsion that keeps us coming back to the same heroes. Each and every one of us likes to imagine what it would be like to possess the might of our favorite heroes. Not to BE our favorite heroes, but to have their power. To maintain all of who we are, AND smite our foes like a boss, is everything we could ever want.

When we were growing up, this view on superheroes was a bit different. Instead of only focusing on powers, we were also much more conscious of who the hero was as a person, their inherent morality. We were searching for figures to look up to, heroes that could teach us what it meant to be a good person.

Now, we look at those same heroes through a different scope. Heaped upon by the realities of life, we have become adults looking back in nostalgia at a time so devastatingly simple. We read these heroes now with respect and admiration, longing for a day when the villain is easily identified and dispatched.

Well, here's to perpetual childhood my brethren! These are the superpowers yours truly would love to romp around in for a day.

Slingin' Some Web


spidey power

There are many who dismiss the power of Spidey because of Peter Parker. I will admit, Parker can be a whiny teen at times, but this should never overshadow how amazing Spider-Man actually is. I mean, seriously, who can deny how awesome it would be to swing through an entire city? To fling yourself headlong through the air at breakneck speeds, without a care in the world? Not this comic lover, I tell you that much.

The Spidey Sense that Spiderman possesses has always peaked my interest greatly as well. Combined with his incredible athletic ability, he is able to avoid danger from almost every angle. Just imagine sensing any harm that may come to you, BEFORE it is even close. Spidey Sense sure would have made avoiding spitballs during school a lot easier.

Spiderman's power really becomes alluring when you start to think about the fascinating species that inspired it. You'd be hard-pressed to find many species more adept at survival than the spider. A home that also serves as a trap for food? Pure. Evolutionary. Excellence. Or PEE, if acronyms are your thing.

Pure Power of Will


green lantern powers

Holy s&^$, I want a Green Lantern ring so bad! Anything you can imagine is brought to life purely by the power of your mind, and takes its strength from your will? How freakin' awesome is that?!

As you may have noticed, very little of the Green Lantern's power set can be seen as super (metaphysical debates aside), but that is what makes the character fantastic...he's human. Don't get me wrong, Hal Jordan and those who have followed are amazing human beings, but the ring helps a bit.

I do have to wonder how the inherent lack of focus in today's humans would effect the power of the ring. I can just see it now, this hero throwing down a beastly construct and then changing his mind every three seconds. Gatling gun, no, bazooka, no, speeding train, no, rabid dogs, no, my little pony...yes.

"Make your move bub."


wolverine power

Inde-freakin'-structable! I have yet to meet a person (of the comic book loving nature) that doesn't absolutely love Wolverine. There is something so alluring about the loner with a wiped mind, slowly rediscovering his horrifying past. Despite all the death and destruction that he may have caused, Logan, as a man, is easy to both pity and respect. All that aside, his power set is sometimes beyond belief, leading to the feral confidence that makes him so awesome.

Adamantium skeletal structure and regenerative abilities aside, Wolverine's feral senses have always been his greatest ability, in my mind. Equipped with these, Wolverine is a Sherlock Holmes in his own right. With an upturned nose he can recreate almost any scene in his mind! Imagine how much more interesting (for better or worse) the world would be with that type of animal instinct. Also, CSI would finally be interesting.

The culmination of all his abilities is the most alluring trait Wolverine has to offer. This man is a barely contained, raging beast of a hero. For centuries we have suppressed these traits during our journey to "civilized culture." How great would it be to let those instincts off the cultured chain for a day?

Mind Bullets

professor X

professor x power

I really hope there is no doubt about how amazing it would be to possess the power of Professor Xavier. To, with a little help from you friend Cerebro, have access to every mind on the planet, and be able to shut them all off with a thought! Xavier is a god amongst demi-gods, in terms of power of course.

There is very little that would be able to stop you, if you possessed the power of Professor X; mainly best friends with funny hats, dampening fields, and universal gods that go by "Lucifer." After that, you pretty much have free reign to blast through mind after mind like you were frolicking through a field.

Also, I would like to add, if Professor X is the power set that you would choose, it comes fully equipped with Patrick Stewart's voice...the most powerful power in all of powerdom.



thor power

'nuff said...

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  • Good choice with the season of amazing we are staring down. I know that I have my superhero juices flowing. I am so ready for this. But, of course, this comment is specifically to explain what powers I would want the most. I constantly fluctuate from one to the next, thinking that one is better. But, I think that if I settled into my truest sense, it would be either Wolvie or the Prof. The regeneration and fierce powers of Wolverine would make me very happy. The only thing, however, is that Xavier's powers are so magnificent, so integral to evoke real change. Not to mention that I would be very similar to him as a young man, and I believe that I would grow into the mentor he became. I love it. His powers are second to none, and work to the best of abilities. The simple fact that he keeps his chair off the ground gives me tingles. I think he is the only real choice. Of course, that only takes into account "heroes". If you want to talk villains, that would be another thing.

  • Prof X for Stewart's voice. You got me with that one... provided it comes with a thorough knowledge of classic literature.

  • Rex- I always love Professor X in this discussion because he has the ability to take over any hero (and their power set) at any point in time. Or all of them at once with Cerebro.

    Seth - Of course it would!

  • speaking of powers I remember as a kid I always loved the power Bewitched had. I'm not talking about strength and being able to "take over another person" but I always wanted to . . .

    Make my bed by twitching my nose or snapping my fingers. And to add to the list do the laundry, dishes, make diner, and shut the lights off after getting in bed because one of my sisters forgot to!

    Seriously how cool would that be?

  • Haha, that would be pretty awesome, Nancy.

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