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Which Superhero Are You?

By Anne Christen More Blogs by This Author

Many different superheroes can be found within the Marvel and DC catalogs. Aside from battling evil, these heroes have obvious appeal in their unique personalities. So what does it say about you if you prefer one champion over the other? 

Are You Captain America?

Captain America

TRAITS: Traditional :: Disciplined :: Patriotic :: Proud :: Respectful :: Solider :: Loyal

Aligning yourself with Captain America means your identity is revealed in three succeeding categories: 1) an American; 2) a soldier, if only in principle; and 3) a guardian of democracy. Captain America – whose real identity is Steven Rogers – is the result of government attempts to create a perfect warrior to defeat the Nazis. Coupled with his red, white, and blue uniform, his devotion to his country makes him the most patriotic of all superheroes. He fights to protect his nation from evil and injustice, including politics that infringe upon basic liberties. He's a man of discipline, pride, and respect. He obeys the law and strategically plans his attacks.

Are You Superman?


TRAITS: Honest :: Humanitarian :: Conflicted :: Philosopher :: Moral :: Hard Worker

If you identify with Superman, you are as honest and loyal as Captain America. The difference is that Superman wants to see the world live more peacefully as a whole, while Captain America is devoted principally to the United States. His military training allows Captain America to liken battles with evil to battles with other countries; lives must be lost in order to preserve democracy and restore order. But Superman has more conflicting beliefs – he attempts to avoid killing his enemies, although in notable situations he does. Furthermore, at heart, he is a gentle soul and a social activist, despite the battles he wages. 

Like Captain America, Superman’s alter ego Clark Kent is guarded from the world. Superman adheres to a moral code instilled by his Earth parents, not the government. If you respect him above all others, you likely admire hard work and chivalry.

Are You Batman?


TRAITS: Complex :: Intimidating ::  Determined :: Techy :: Vigilante

Should your loyalties lie with Batman, you may have a dark side. Unlike Superman and Captain America, he wears all black and protects his identity with a mask. This uniform is not meant to represent an ideal, but to intimidate his opponents.

He is different from the previous superheroes in other ways as well. He lacks superpowers and is self-made, having trained himself to be physically and mentally superior. Bruce Wayne, his alter ego, is excessively wealthy and has a penchant for invention that assists his crime fighting.

One of Batman’s most visible traits is his obsession with stopping crime by any means necessary, which ironically leads him to break the law when necessary.

If you see a little bit of yourself in Batman, these traits may speak to your personality. Maybe you consider yourself a vigilante? Have you ever noticed that you are more self-reliant, appreciative of wealth, or eager to experiment with technology than others?

Are You Spider Man?


TRAITS: Young :: Angry :: Loner :: Sarcastic :: Insecure :: Resilient :: Principled

Spider Man is like Batman in that he remains within the confines of New York City and seeks to avenge the death of a family member. But he differs from the other superheroes in that he’s still in high school and operates absolutely independently. Superman never had help from others, but his adoptive parents knew about his special powers; the entire U.S. government supported Captain America; and Batman worked in accord with Commissioner Gordon. (He was also occasionally assisted by legendary sidekick, Robin). Spider-Man, meanwhile, is a lone wolf - or arachnid if you prefer.

He's cocky, but his sarcasm masks his social insecurities. He is clumsy and unsure of whether or not he fills the role of superhero. Unlike the others, he is not the perfect specimen, and even the people of New York City vacillate between labeling him a hero and a criminal.

If you identify with Spidey, you may be more independent than others. Or you may struggle with day-to-day issues like love, finances, and purpose. You long to do right, but the troubles of the world sometimes seem more than you can handle.


Many other superheroes – Hulk, Thor, and Iron Man, to name a few – are just as popular as those mentioned here. The purpose is to show how superheroes connect with readers based on personality similarities. These similarities exist because, to some degree, superheroes possess real-life thoughts and feelings.

No wonder comic series run for 50 years or more! Superheroes are as relatable as any other characters found in works of fiction.

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