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Living Smart Amongst the Living Dead

By Big Dave from SLN More Blogs by This Author

The zombie apocalypse is sure to bring many people down and throw civilization into chaos. As some of the few survivors, you'll want to do your best to avoid infection and remain healthy and strong.

Food and Nutrition

We all need food to survive, but at some point there will be no more canned foods and pantry staples left to salvage from abandoned grocery stores and homes. Gardening can be a great way to produce food to tough it out through the rough times. Gardening has several options, from container gardening in a well-defended vehicle or high-up safe house, to providing some additional light camouflage around more permanent dwellings.

When still on the move, consider quick-growing greens like basil, parsley, cilantro, and mint. These flavorful greens can provide plenty of benefits while having the advantage of short growing periods. Radishes also tend to sprout quickly, and the leaves can be used as a green as well.

For moderate to long-term planting, consider potatoes as an easy grower that provides plenty of carbohydrates to help you stay strong while fighting the undead. Also scan the area you'll be living for edible plants and fruit-bearing trees that already exist and can easily harvested to keep food on-hand. Check abandoned bookstores for guides on foraging for local edibles.

Try to avoid meat in case of contamination. Older frozen meat that is still good and able to be verified as uninfected could still be safe, but the easiest way to be sure is to go vegetarian.

Allergies and Medications

Medical care will be at a premium during the tough times. It's always good to know what allergies you have beforehand to be able to avoid mishaps while on the run. Even a mild allergy that would currently amount to a simple annoyance can amount to a deadly mistake after the zombies attack.

Also remember to find out the names (including generic names) for medications you're taking. Your pharmacist might be a great person right now, but once the apocalypse hits, they might just be after your brains, and you'll be left to find your medications on your own.

Emotional Health

Being on the run from zombies after losing loved ones to the hoard is going to be a real downer. While it isn't necessarily wise to over-react to your emotions by over-packing comfort items, it can be handy to bring an mp3 player or small tablet computer along for the trip. Remember to have a solar charger ready in case power grids are down, and have some local media on hand since Internet disruptions are very likely.


Be sure to have plenty of exercise before and during the attacks. Pop culture references aside, cardio really is a good start to ensuring you can out-run (or out-shamble as the case may be) the undead, and maintaining a reasonable weight will add to the ease of that. If unable to do walking or jogging due to safety concerns, try spending some downtime doing jumping jacks, crunches, and pushups in a small space. Don't overwork yourself though - save a bit of energy just in case.


This is just a start to the preparations you should start making for the (imminent?) zombie apocalypse. By following some simple guidelines, you can stay fit, well-fed, and relatively sane through the crisis. Try picking up these skills now to get a feel for them, and always remember to be safe and use some caution and common sense.

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