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April 6, 2012 at 2:23 PMComments: 4 Faves: 0

Comets, Birds, and Potatoes...Not Superman

By E.M. Wollof from SLN More Blogs by This Author

Quite a few delicious and delectable morsels for you this week my fellow scratchers. From studies that confuse the hell out of everyone that reads them, to further proof that we have no idea about the information we are fed. Let's get going!


Researchers recently found new evidence that leads them believe that life on our planet was seeded by comets! This isn't exactly a new idea for the science community. The experiments currently running simulate the conditions of a comet hitting the Earth at around 25,000 miles per hour, billions of years ago. For the last few decades the idea of anything surviving that impact was frowned upon, but new simulation results point to the possibility of amino acids and other ingredients of the primordial ooze surviving the impact and consequential heat.

I truly hope that they can further their study in this light, having ancestry (no matter how small) from space has always been a personal dream of mine.

Doomed, I Tell You!!!!

As most of you have surely read recently, partaking in a lifestyle of the sedentary nature will kill you. As most of you have surely come to realize, there really isn't much else but a sedentary lifestyle, if you work in an office. Yea, you can put on the trunks, lace up the sneakers, and pound the pavement for hours on end after work, but that doesn't erase the eight to ten hours you just spent nestled into a seat that has your rump memorized.

Well, researchers in Finland would like to further your sense of doom by pointing out that, even if you do exercise, you will find the desire to rest greatly increased due to your exercise. They decided to gather a group of people for a little study, strap them into some shorts that contain electrodes that measure activity in the major muscle groups, have them exercise on and off, and see what happens. What they found was that, on the days when people did exercise (for two hours or less), the sedentary level was only 4% less than that of the days when absolutely no exercise was completed!

The Bird Is Still The Word

I have written numerous times on the H5N1 debate, and it has finally come to an end. This past week the World Health Organization decided to release the research that led to this entire fiasco. Here's the catch, directly from the article:

"Dr. Keim said the new decision was not a reversal, because the revised manuscripts were so different from the originals. Had these versions been presented originally, the board would not have recommended withholding any details, he said."

This means that any of the actual research that was deemed dangerous has been purged from the report, essentially stripping it of all authenticity. It seems history has most definitely repeated...

See you next week.

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  • I love the Doomed portion. It makes it pretty clear to me that I should not be exercising at all. Therefore, being that no exercise is currently what I am doing, I feel justified in my lifestyle. Thanks for making me even lazier! I am going to go home, curl up with my guitar, and eat fattening food until my heart stops. I love that the article says that even a good amount of exercise after work for a short period "may not be enough in terms of health." Hello dying early! Ah, j/k, I guess.

    It did open my eyes to the need of more regular exercise. I will try to work on that.

  • Welcome to human evolution. Steadily inventing our way to our own demise. All joking aside, it is both a terrible and exciting time to be alive, we change the way we live every couple of years, constantly push the boundaries of our own imagination, and still tend to fall into the same traps we thought disabled millenia ago.

  • You have to write more of these updates! I like these!!!!

  • Kage - Unfortunately, these updates just didn't do that well. I attempted to keep up with them for a period of time, but the views just were not there. With a limited amount of time to write, I chose to move in a different direction. Thank you though, I appreciate the enthusiasm.

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