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Physical Causes of Erectile Dysfunction: Venous Leak — an article on the Smart Living Network
February 15, 2008 at 10:34 AMComments: 0 Faves: 0

Physical Causes of Erectile Dysfunction: Venous Leak


Venous Leakage and the Effects on Sexual Performance

When an erection is produced, an increased flow of blood compresses the veins in the corpora cavernosa, allowing the blood to remain in the penis and maintain an erection. When a person is suffering from Venous Leakage, the erection is lost as a result of these veins not closing well enough to retain the blood.

Venous leak, for short, is known to be a manifestation of structural changes in the erectile tissue. It can be related to a genetic condition, or it can be the result of a sustained injury or disease.

Despite the amount of research invested in the condition, there has been very little scientific basis to show that the cause of venous channels external from the physical body can remedy venous leakage with any real long-term results. Due to the condition not being able to retain blood in the penis, venous leakage leads to the symptoms related to erectile dysfunction. For this reason, it's important to check for the signs of venous leakage if there are any problems related to erectile dysfunction.

Checking for Venous Leakage

To check for Venous Leakage, make an appointment with a physician for a full evaluation. The process will begin with an intracavernosal injection of a vasoactive agent. The cavernosal arteries will be checked via duplex ultrasound for any physical abnormalities. If you're diagnosed with a "pure" leak, the physician must be certain that the patient has a leak with no traces to arterial disease, no significant psychological issues, and that the leak is able to be traced and isolated to a specific site.

Treating Venous Leakage

At this point, venous ligation surgery is currently recognized as a purely investigative procedure. The surgical options for venous leakage have been reported to have a low rate of success, ranging within a limited twenty to thirty to fifty percent success rate over a short term. However, there have been more sporadic results of a successful correction of erectile dysfunction in young men with a "pure" venous leak. The vein or veins used under these conditions have proven to have a greater than thirty percent success. In specific cases that a venous leak has leakage originating from several sites, however, this will decrease the rate of success of recovery.

Another form of treatment for venous leakage is the implementation of a penile implant in the body. This serves to remove the condition altogether by providing a substitute means to achieve an erection of the penis at will, while no longer having to contend with leakage issues or erectile dysfunction.

Taking Steps to Find a Long Term Success Rate

While the means to find a more permanent solution to venous leakage has still not been discovered, physicians are continuing to research how to find a more long term solution to treating the issue.


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