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Physical Causes of Erectile Dysfunction: Tobacco Use — an article on the Smart Living Network
February 25, 2008 at 10:37 AMComments: 0 Faves: 0

Physical Causes of Erectile Dysfunction: Tobacco Use


The Effects of Smoking and Tobacco on Erectile Dysfunction

While the image of smoking has always been presented by tobacco companies as a "masculine" trait used to show how "macho" or "rugged" a man can be, the reality of the situation is that smoking tobacco actually has the reverse effect, and can cause severe sexual related problems. Over the years, many harmful health effects have been determined to be from the cause of smoking (such as cancer, emphysema, and lung disease), there are other side effects that are not as readily apparent.

A More Serious Condition Than Expected

Tobacco smoking has also been proven to be one of the leading causes of erectile dysfunction. Men who are regular smokers are about twice as likely to suffer from erectile dysfunction and impotence as men who do not smoke. Researchers from an Australian survey of more than eighty three thousand men between the ages of sixteen to fifty nine have stated that men who smoke one or more packs of cigarettes a day are nearly forty percent more likely to have the symptoms of erectile dysfunction compared with to a nonsmoker. Compared with nonsmokers, men who smoked one pack a day or less were twenty four percent more likely to report problems with maintaining an erection.

A Difficult Proposition to Quit

The most obvious answer to avoid the possibility of an erectile dysfunction related problem is to simply quit smoking tobacco. Despite the well-known health concerns associated with smoking, however, millions of people still continue to use tobacco products. Impotence, however, is usually not well recognized by the general public or even by general practice physicians as a potential consequence of smoking. It is for this reason that the correlation between smoking and erectile dysfunction is usually not known and not considered as a factor for erectile dysfunction.

Overcoming the Effects of Tobacco Based Symptoms

Additionally, even with reducing or quitting smoking tobacco, the effects of tobacco damage on erectile dysfunction can be slower to recover or positive recovery efforts can even be reversed.

A Motivation to Quit Smoking

Due to the evidence found linking smoking tobacco and erectile dysfunction, doctors are hoping that the general fear of impotence may help to motivate men to quit smoking easier. While some smokers do not quit under the warnings or a potential heart attack or lung cancer, the fear of no longer being sexually effective may help scare people into stopping the habit.

Avoiding Substance Abuse

As a general rule, any recreational substances that stand to cause physical problems throughout the body can also cause a concern for impairing sexual drive and potency. It is important to recognize these substances and take steps to actively avoid their negative effects.


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