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High Blood Pressure and Erectile Dysfunction — an article on the Smart Living Network
November 13, 2007 at 4:37 AMComments: 0 Faves: 0

High Blood Pressure and Erectile Dysfunction


The gap between high blood pressure and erectile dysfunction is narrowing due to new research that suggests the two are linked. It is now safe to say that when a male has high blood pressure, his chances of having erectile dysfunction increases dramatically because blood flow is reduced to some of the body's smallest blood vessels that are located in the penis. The narrowing of these small blood vessels due to high blood pressure prevents the necessary amounts of blood from making their way to the penis, hence preventing an erection from occurring or causing it to only last for a few moments.

Many men do not know that the link between high blood pressure and Erectile Dysfunction exists. Knowing this connection could prevent heart attack, stroke, and further hardening of the arteries if there is any. To some men, talking about Erectile Dysfunction with their doctor can be embarrassing and they may avoid the subject altogether. When, in reality, it is vital that the doctor be informed of such a problem. Revealing this information to your doctor is crucial because Erectile Dysfunction can be a symptom of a more serious condition such as high blood pressure.

More men have said that if they knew that such a link with other conditions existed, they would be more likely to talk to their doctor about their impotence. Unfortunately, one of the conditions in which Erectile Dysfunction can be a tell tale sign of is Arteriosclerosis (hardening of the arteries), which is caused by high blood pressure. This doesn't necessarily mean you have high blood pressure, since there can be other conditions such as diabetes that can also cause Erectile Dysfunction, but the hardening and narrowing of the arteries can reduce the blood flow to various parts of the body including the penis. This is all the more reason to let your doctor know if you are having erectile issues so the source of the problem can be found.

Certain lifestyles can also increase your chances of having to deal with Erectile Dysfunction. Smokers, especially, are at a higher risk of developing Erectile Dysfunction because they are at a higher risk of developing high blood pressure. That alone should be incentive enough to stop smoking. High blood pressure is only one among several conditions that can cause Erectile Dysfunction. The medication you take can also affect your ability to acquire or maintain an erection, such as Diuretics and beta-blockers. If you are taking Diuretics or beta-blockers, do not stop your medication if you believe your Erectile Dysfunction is associated with it. Only a doctor can make that determination, which is why it is extremely important to discuss with your doctor before you stop taking any medication. If one medication isn't working for you then there are others your doctor can put you on. Stopping any medication without the advice of your doctor puts you at a much higher risk for heart attack or stroke, both of which are life threatening.


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