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Cigarette Smoking Raises Risk of Erectile Dysfunction — an article on the Smart Living Network
August 9, 2007 at 10:40 AMComments: 0 Faves: 0

Cigarette Smoking Raises Risk of Erectile Dysfunction


Did you know that you could eat five portions of vegetables and fruit a day and go to the gym regularly, but healthy behavior means nothing if you chose to continue smoking? We have all heard the message "smoking is bad for you" it is an old one, but not many give it their full attention. Most people know that smoking can cause various forms of cancer, but did you know it also causes erectile dysfunction. Think about it, the more cigarettes you smoke in one day, and the longer you smoke, the higher the risk of erectile dysfunction. Likewise, cigarette smoking raises risk of erectile dysfunction the earlier in life you began smoking and the deeper you inhaled. Researchers report, cigarette smoking rises risk of erectile dysfunction. For many this means smoking could ruin your sex life. Science continues to confirm the more men smoke, the higher their chances are of experiencing erectile dysfunction.

Studies Report Cigarette Smoking Raises Risk of Erectile Dysfunction

Dr. Li Ming Wen, M.D., of Sydney South West Area Health Service, reported, 40% of men who smoke a minimum of 20 cigarettes a day are at higher risk of becoming impotent than men who are nonsmokers. Comparing the number of men who smoked 20+ cigarettes a day to the number of men who smoke under 20 cigarettes a day, the ratio for erectile dysfunction is 1.24% in men who smoked under 20 cigarettes, they are just as likely to have erectile dysfunction. However, for men who smoked more than a 20 cigarettes a day the ratio for erectile dysfunction increased to 1.39%.

Other factors associated with cigarette smoking rises risk of erectile dysfunction were age, cardiovascular prescribed medications, ethnicity, and education. Dr. Li Ming Wen, M.D. pointed out the broad cross-sectional sample represented men of various ages, and the dose-dependent correlation between cigarette smoking and increased risk of erectile dysfunction. While the majority of male Americans are aware that cigarette smoking rises their risk of erectile dysfunction, many are unaware of how varied the health consequences can become. Among the least publicized risks of cigarette smoking are the effects on sexual behavior in men, commonly known as erectile dysfunction. In men, cigarette smoking decreases both the quality and quantity of blood flow, sperm, and even stamina, which results in erectile dysfunction. Aside from the multiple negative effects associated with cigarette smoking and the rise in risks of erectile dysfunction, natural supplements have been discovered, to be a benefit in reversing erectile dysfunction. Statistical data reports tell us how natural supplements help increase blood flow naturally, along with a change in lifestyle, without the side effects associated with prescription medications and over-the-counter treatment plans.


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