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    Can Ginger Cure Erectile Dysfunction ?

    Extensive research on treating impotence and Erectile Dysfunction has not only led to newer and effective medicines but also it has led to the discovery of the importance of aphrodisiac foods in ones sex life. The list of aphrodisiac foods is increasing rapidly as and when the affects of these foods on sexual parameters are documented. An aphrodisiac is a substance that increases sexual desire. The name comes from Aphrodite, the Greek goddess of sexuality and love. Throughout history, many foods, drinks, and behaviors have had a reputation for making sex more attainable and pleasurable.  Kathi Keville and Peter Corn, authors of "Herbs for Health and Healing," stated that poor circulation may cause impotence in men because damaged or impaired blood vessels simply fail to fill with blood and expand which is required to attain a strong erection. They also say that certain herbs, such as ginger, may help to increase dilation in blood vessels and improve circulation.

    Ginger have been used since ages as a herb in preparing food as well as used as an alternative to cure common ailments. According to herbal boks, it has been stated that the active compounds in ginger are gingerol, shogaol and zingiberene. The Gingerol compound in the Ginger is said to have shown some affects on the blood vessels. When the study of use of gingerols on rat was conducted, it was proved that these gingerols stimulated blood vessel contractions in mouse and rat tissue samples by regulating signaling molecules known as eicosanoids. The reason why ginger is now considered to be an aphrodisiac food is because the same agents that lend ginger its medicinal properties are also responsible for stimulating arousal due to the warm, spicy scent and taste them impart.

    Various therapies are been done with the use of ginger to treat sexual dysfunction. One of the therapies is known as Ginger Moxa. Ginger moxa is a therapy used in Chinese medicine to treat impotence that marries the properties of ginger with practice of moxibustion, a technique that involves burning selected herbs at various acupuncture points along the body. An herb known as “mugwort” is normally used in combination with Ginger, the leaves of which are rolled into a "moxa stick". With ginger moxa, a thick slice of ginger becomes the insulation between the moxa stick and the skin. The ginger is then pierced with a few small holes into which the moxa sticks are placed, and the sticks are allowed to burn down just far enough to produce perspiration and redness on the skin. The procedure is typically repeated several times in succession. Though this procedure is not very well known in western or European countries but this therapy was termed as very effective in treating male impotence in China. It is said that even today in many parts of China, this therapy is been practiced.

    Ginger juice is also meant to be a very affective option in treating impotence. A mixture of half tea spoon of ginger juice with half boiled egg and honey is beneficial in curing impotency, premature ejaculation & spermatorrhoea. Regular intake of ginger in any form has been proved as a better and very affective option of treating erectile dysfunction.Though ginger is an aphrodisiac, it is not meant to give you instant erection and it just cannot completely replace oral medicines like Generic Viagra and Kamagra Oral jelly . But men suffering from erectile dysfunction or impotence can combine the use of oral medicines like Generic Viagra and Ginger products and after a certain time, there are bright chances of the men not requiring oral medicines at all. Natural products need to be taken for a longer duration of time to completely eradicate the sexual dysfunction symptoms.


    • i will try this

    • i'm 23 and i have been suffering from a poor erection problem, i think this ginger stuff will work for me so i will have to try. thank

    • Change your photo please. You are showing ginseng, not ginger.

    • Change your photo please. You are showing ginseng, not ginger.

    • please change your display picture of ginseng & replace it with ginger

    • Ginger works, you'd noticed the difference within couple days!!!

    • Am yet to try it but i hope it will work! I want to check my weight and severe waist pain with ginger,i will prefer to chew it raw.

    • Am yet to try it but i hope it will work! I want to check my weight and severe waist pain with ginger,i will prefer to chew it raw.

    • This is an interesting piece of article.All men should take note.

    • Write a comment I will try it and give you the feed back later. Thanks

    • please have any body tried it, because am waiting for an answer , i have suffered for it for over 7 years now, please i need a solution, can somebody mail me i have spend so much money on this issue ans nothing, please i need a help from any body to tell me what to do or what to mix ,so that my problem will end and my happiness will come back to me again, or send me a massage here +971527119704

    • I am a 69 yr old male, have had problems since I turned 60...The combination of ginger and turmeric has been a blessing..I now have no problem getting or keeping an erection..I also use a small amount of viagra to get started..GREAT combination !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • Mix the following and take one teaspoonful of it daily:
      2 tablespoonful of honey
      2 tablespoonful of olive oil
      A pinch(1/4 teaspoonful) of ginger powder
      A pinch of garlic powder
      A pinch of tumeric powder
      A pinch of cinnamon powder
      It's guaranteed to work
      Good luck

    • I am experimenting w/a herb & spice blend now that not only contains theverything turmeric, ginger and cinnamon but others for additive to morning smoothies

    • I am experimenting w/a herb & spice blend now that not only contains theverything turmeric, ginger and cinnamon but others for additive to morning smoothies

    • Thanks for sharing this wonderful article.. Ginger is always an amazing natural remedy, from antibiotics to healthy foods, ginger plays a massive role. This is good to hear, that ginger is solving ER, the main benefit is it will reduce side effects caused by ER pharmaceutical medicines. rnrn

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