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Can A High Alcohol Intake Increase Shrinkage Dysfunction? — an article on the Smart Living Network
December 21, 2007 at 7:22 AMComments: 0 Faves: 0

Can A High Alcohol Intake Increase Shrinkage Dysfunction?


Going out with your sweetheart can negatively effect your post-bar performance. It's a proven fact that alcohol consumption can greatly impede on a man's ability to sustain or achieve an erection, and over time, cause his penis size to decrease. Shrinkage dysfunction, as well as the inability to perform when the opportunity arises, can be a source of humiliation and low self-esteem for many men, as well as a disappointment for their partner. Many people enjoy the lowered inhibitions and increased confidence alcohol seems to give them, especially when approaching a sexual situation. However, alcohol can do more to hinder sexual encounters than to enhance them.

How Alcohol Effects the Penis

Alcohol dulls sensation. Many people associate this with the danger of not being able to feel pain as sharply as usual after a night of drinking. There is also the disadvantage of not being able to feel pleasure. It makes it extremely difficult to achieve orgasm. But also alcohol inhibits the ability to even achieve and sustain erection. Alcohol causes the blood vessels to dilate, which prevents the blood that flows into the penis to make it hard from staying in the penis. The blood drains back into the rest of the body, and the penis becomes flaccid. Prolonged alcohol use can affect sexual health and performance in even more damaging ways. A man who uses alcohol frequently can experience difficulty sustaining an erection on a regular basis, as well as continued difficulty ejaculating. Over fifty percent of men who are or have been alcoholics experiencing erectile dysfunction often. Other negative side effects include a decline in libido, or an increase in assertive, sexual behavior. Alcohol use is also linked to abnormally low testosterone levels, as well as improper levels of reproductive hormones. A decline in testosterone can ultimately result in an overall decreased penis size. Since testosterone is key to the production of sperm in the testes, a shortage of testosterone can also result in a shortage of sperm, making a once viable male infertile. On top of all of this, alcohol can greatly inhibit performance in every element of life. Lessened reaction time, impaired judgment, decreased motor skills and poor stamina when faced with physical exertion all greatly impede on regular functions, as well as sexual performance.

What to do

Going out for drinks and alcohol culture is deeply indoctrinated in the American social scene. Does alcohol mean the end to any pleasurable sexual activity? No. Alcohol, when used in moderation on an infrequent basis, poses little risk to your sexual health, provided you make wise decisions. In the instance of persistent erectile or shrinkage dysfunction, whether the longterm result of high alcohol consumption or another cause, there are options. In severe cases, surgeries can be performed to increase the size or erectile capacity of the penis. These surgeries, however, are often invasive, time-consuming, painful and costly. A more natural approach is to get enough sleep, eat healthy, and avoid the use of alcohol, tobacco and steroids. Supplements are available, which can help promote sexual health as well as increase penis size and function.

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