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5 Questions & Answers About Shrinkage Dysfunction You Were Afraid To Ask — an article on the Smart Living Network
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5 Questions & Answers About Shrinkage Dysfunction You Were Afraid To Ask


Shrinkage dysfunction, penis size and erectile dysfunction are often embarrassing topics that convey a sense of shame or inadequacy. In reality, they're all common curiosities that deserve to be discussed.

What is average?

There is much misconception as far as what size a penis should be. The actual average length of the American male penis is between five and six inches, according to a variety of studies. The average girth is approximately four and a half, to five inches. Penis size increases throughout puberty, usually coming to a stop around seventeen or eighteen years of age. While myths such as foot and hand size seem to have little to do with size, being overweight can cause the penis to appear smaller, or to recede into the body more. Humans have the largest penis among primates, when the percentage that the penis makes up is compared to the body as a whole. In spite of this, many men (nearly fifty percent) are unhappy with their current size and would be willing to seek options that could provide them with a larger penis.

Does size matter?

A recent study found that a majority of women (over 75%) were happy with their partner's current penis size. Women have also reported that they would prefer a partner with more girth than a partner with more length. However, the ability to get and then also maintain a solid erection for a satisfactory amount of time is crucial for a man to please a partner. An erection of poor quality can often be mistaken for lacking in size, but what it is really lacking is good blood flow, stamina and confidence.

Can the penis really shrink?

Unfortunately, yes. Shrinkage can be harmless: the penis shrinks when exposed to cold temperatures. The testicles are drawn closer to the body to preserve heat, and blood is sent to other organs (the ears and nose, for instance) to keep the delicate tissues warm. This means the body will not send blood to the penis for an erection. Your penis will appear much smaller than normal when you're cold. Shrinkage can also occur at times of anxiety. Nerves, tension, stress and discomfort can cause the penis to retreat, just as when the body is cold. More worrisome is a decrease in testosterone. This can occur as a man ages, engages in unhealthy eating patterns, uses tobacco, takes steroids, or consumes an excessive amount of alcohol.

Is it just me?

No! Shrinkage and ED are very common. Everyone experiences shrinkage at some point, either because they're cold or because of those low testosterone levels. Most men will experience erectile dysfunction at least once in their lifetime. It's nothing to be ashamed of and there are many options available to increase your sexual performance and enhance your romantic life.

What can I do?

Heightening your sexual prowess can be done many ways. Extreme cases of erectile dysfunction or shrinkage may advocate uncomfortable devices or invasive surgery, but most of the time, this isn't necessary. You can start simply by eating healthy, avoiding alcohol, steroids and tobacco, staying fit, and being active regularly.

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