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What Sexual Changes May Occur In My Body As I Go Through Menopause?

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Everyone woman dreads it. The thought of menopause alone can give you previews of the hot flashes you'll endure. But that's not the only worry that women have when it comes to reaching menopause. A big question that many want to know is "What sexual changes will occur in my body as I go through menopause?

Changes in the Body

The worry that many women have about menopause is that they will be less sexually driven. There are sayings that women who reach menopause won't be able to "function" as they once were able to when they were younger. Some who have already reached menopause say they are unable to produce lubrication and are less aroused (usually taking a while longer than normal). Most of the time, the decrease in desire to have sex is more mental than physical, especially with the myth that older people don't like to have sex or aren't supposed to. A lot more women who have reached menopause are claiming that they are just as sexually aroused or even more aroused.

What Happens During Menopause?

When a women's body is going through menopause, she will notice that her vagina's walls will become sore or even bleed during sexual intercourse. This happens because there is less lubrication. Sexual arousal response time may decrease as well (this also happens in men after a certain age). This doesn't mean that you aren't able to engage in intercourse, it just means that it will take more to get ready. Many couples find that the time spent in foreplay is actually fun. It brings couples closer together, so it is important to keep communication open. Sometimes the lack of sexual desire (also known as lack of libido) is due to relationship problems, stress, fatigue, psychological issues, medication side effects, changes in hormones and discomfort caused by physical changes in menopause.


While growing up, you will note the different stereotypes put out there about older women after menopause. It is said that their sex life is over, so because of that rumor, many women are mentally telling themselves that they will be less attractive sexually because they won't be able to function correctly. This myth may have been made because of the fact that after menopause, women can't have children anymore. Now, for some this is actually a good thing and they find themselves enjoying sex even more. Without the worries of becoming pregnant, there is less stress and more focus. Still, others think that they are less of a woman because they are unable to bare children anymore.

Does everyone experience menopausal side effects?

Surprisingly, 70%-80% of women don't show any sexual side effects from menopause. They experience no signs of reduced sexual activity or satisfaction. And for those who do have side effects can use natural and safe treatments that can help them.

What to do about Side Effects?

Women have the option of using lubricants (Vaseline should be avoided since it can cause an infection and weakens condoms) or supplements that help to increase estrogen. Estrogen helps the body do its job - which is to provide lubricants - and helps lessen vaginal pain. It does not increase desire to have sex. Estrogen should only be considered if you are having hormonal problems.


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  • If you are experiencing a lack of libido due to menopause or other health reasons there are natural solutions which benefit you and your body.The problem with using synthetic or man-made hormones to treat the symptoms of menopause is that the body does not recognize the artificial hormones and will not readily absorb and accept the hormones. In fact your body may actually work against these artificial hormones, which will cause more problems with your body. Common results from using synthetic hormones include weight gain and water retention, discomfort during sex or lack of sex drive, and may be a contributing factor for some cases of breast, uterine or ovarian cancer. This is mainly due to the fact that the body does not recognize the artificial hormones. So to assist you in sexual areas of your life it is wiser to use a natural method.

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