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Understanding Hot Flashes — an article on the Smart Living Network
September 12, 2007 at 1:31 PMComments: 2 Faves: 0

Understanding Hot Flashes


Understanding hot flashes

Hot flashes are the most common of all menopausal symptoms. Simply put, hot flashes are the result of a hormonal imbalance. They can come at any time, vary in severity, and affect three out of four menopausal women. Hot flashes may or may not be intense enough to require medical intervention. If hot flashes need to be addressed, options should be considered before a decision is made.

What are hot flashes?

Hot flashes are characterized by feelings of warmth or chilliness, perspiration, rapid heartbeat, or a flushed face, neck, or chest. Hot flashes are not timed. They can happen at any time during the day. Hot flashes are called night sweats during the nighttime. Hot flashes may last for just a few minutes or a half an hour. It's not unusual for hot flashes to usher a woman into her menopausal years. There are some simple lifestyle changes you can adopt to live through menopause with minimal discomfort. Consider these simple suggestions:

Be active.

Regular activity is important during menopause. If you're not currently active, now is the time to begin an exercise routine. Just 30 minutes a day is recommended for health. It doesn't have to be rigorous or time-consuming. When it comes to your health during menopause, something is better than nothing with exercise. Exercise will help with insomnia, loss of libido, fatigue, self-image, mood swings, and overall health.

Be aware.

Pay attention to your dress. Don't wear synthetics, wool, or silk. Avoid wearing turtlenecks. Because menopause can interrupt a woman's temperature, it's important to remember to dress in light layers. Keep a fan close at hand or a cold drink nearby to abet hot flashes.

Be in control.

It's important to remember slow breathing can decrease hot flashes. Practice this breathing technique to keep hot flashes at bay.

Be relaxed.

Relaxation is a welcoming tool for menopausal women to reduce stress. This will also benefit sleep patterns. Relaxation techniques can include a massage, breathing exercises, or soft exercises like yoga.

Be cautious.

Avoid hot or spicy foods, alcohol, and caffeinated drinks because they can trigger unwanted hot flashes.

Be smart.

Stop smoking because it is directly linked to hot flashes. If you don't smoke, don't start.

Be informed.

Know which dietary supplements can help control your hot flashes during your menopausal years. There are several supplements that are highly recognized in relief for hot flashes that include black cohosh, red clover, soy, and vitamin E.

Be alert.

There are triggers all around us that irritate hot flashes. Watch out for hot tubs, hot beds, hot rooms, hot weather, and hot showers. Avoid saunas. Certain diet pills can trigger hot flashes, as well.

Be prepared.

Keep your thermostat lower. Arrive early for meetings to avoid sweating. Wear cotton pajamas. Take a cool shower before bedtime.

Be willing.

Learn all you can about hot flashes and how they can potentially affect your life. Learn all you can about ways to allay your hot flashes. Talk to women who have already been through menopause. Learn everything you can.

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  • hello there i hope you can help me, i have been taking sage leaf tablets 50mg for 6mths it says take 1 twice a day.but after reading comments on this sight some lady's was taking 2 twice a i thought i would do the same, i am not seeing any improvement in my health...i have bad hot sweats more than 10 times a day. i also surfer all through the night..i wont have a relationship because i feel so uncomfortable when i have a hot flush, i have been having flushes for 18 mths and they have not got any better..could you advise me on any other medication i could try.
    [ i do also take ADIZEM 120mg SIMVASTATIN 40mg for a bad heart.

  • Dear Barbara, I feel for you...I know this time in life can be very disruptive....I during that time, changed my lots of articles, did decide to use herbal help and did visit and keep my Dr. informed also exercise... It has been awhile now and it didn't kill me, so get BZ and look up all you can and get started on taking the right Herbal help that works for you ! I also Have a lot of medical problems, and I refuse to take dr. advised I go completely Herbal!!! Good luck,,

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