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natural remedies for menopause symptoms

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The female anatomy and reproductive parts age differently than of men and menopause is a challenging time for women. When the menstrual cycle has stopped for at least 12 months its termed as menopause.Perimenopause and menopauseare continuous phases in a womans life.Perimenopauseis the phase just before menopause and is characterized by heavy flow, low blood pressure, uneasiness, and psychological stress. It leads to menopause, the phase where a womans ovaries stop functioning. She can no longer reproduce and goes through a series of complex physical and mental challenges.

Menopause prois an interactive website where women can learn how to face the challenges of menopause in a rock-solid manner and lead a healthy and fruitful life.Menopause and healthare two sides of the see-saw of a womans life and the goal of Menopause is creating a balance between the two.

Some of thesymptoms of menopauseare mood swings, hot sweats, lower blood pressure, sleeplessness, and mental stress. Not knowing how to deal with these issues creates an additional burden. Another major physical intimacy challenge that a woman faces during this phase is vaginal dryness. She is embarrassed to let her husband know about this discomfort and thus avoids entirely getting intimate. This makes her husband think she is being awkward and this may lead to huge misunderstandings between a husband and wife. One solution for this is using lubricant, the other of course is being open about your discomforts to your husband. Let him know what you are going through so that he doesnt misjudge you.

Taking heavy medicines might feel like a good choice for you but it may also have certain side-effects. I would suggest some herbal remedies straight out of your garden that can help cut out the problems from the roots.

Lets look at some of the foods good for a womens health:

  • The food withplant estrogensis good to boost the immune system and keep the reproductive parts healthy. Foods like soy, beans, seeds, celery, nuts, and flaxseed oil are ideal for women looking for food rich in plant estrogens.
  • Chasteberry: This Indian spice acts on reproductive parts and also helps manage anger, mood swings and help keep you active.
  • Evening Primrose: This is a killer cure for life after menopause as it contains powerful nutrients that work wonders on your bladder, uterus and keeps most menopausal symptoms at bay.
  • Ginseng: It a powerful herb that helps reduce stress and boosts the immune system. Some researches have also said that it helps with hot flashes although its not completely true!

Following some of the above methods can help you at least lessen the physical discomforts of menopause. They are totally supportive of menopause and your health. Some women may require counseling from a gynecologist but it does help you. If you feel doubtful about any remedy consult your doctor.

Menopause and supportfrom your loved ones can provide acceleration to your path to curing the symptoms. Whichever medicine you take, love and support of your near and dear one is a priceless and most effective cure!

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