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Menopause Herbal Supplement Support: Rice Bran Oil

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Menopause herbal supplement support

Women entering menopause are now of the mindset that menopause shouldnt require medical intervention since its a natural phenomenon and beautiful transition. With women now expected to live almost a third of their life after menopause, they want to have a pleasant experience, not a life full of unwanted side effects. Women want to be more in control of their own healthyou want to control your menopause with natural supplements. Menopause has been defined as puberty in reverse and puberty doesnt require prescription drugs. Something that happensnaturally shouldnt have to be treated.

Rice bran oil

Rice bran oil is similar to other vegetable oils, but it is more of a specialty oil because of its unique properties. Rice bran oil has a nut-like flavor and enhances the taste when used for frying. Rice bran oil also provides additional color and texture to food. Its most beneficial assets are its nutraceutical values. Rice bran oil and rice bran extract are both insoluble in water. Rice bran oil can be taken in capsule, pill, or powder form. Rice bran oil can be used in cooking and as a dressing. Rice bran oil contains oryzanol, tocopherol, and tocotrienol, natural anti-oxidants. Studies are showing oryzanol is responsible for calming stomach pains, decreasing atherosclerosis risk, increasing bile acid, lowering bad cholesterol reduction without lowering good cholesterol, menopausal relief, preventing platelet aggregation, soothing anxiety, and treat nerve imbalance. Tocopherols are free radical scavengers and present the strongest vitamin E compound. Tocopherols also prevent lipid oxidation and coronary heart disease. Degenerative diseases like aging, arthritis, cancer, and damaged cells can be treated with tocopherols. Tocotrienol is given credit to cancer and cardiovascular disease prevention. Rice bran oil is credited as an oxidative stability. The benefits of rice bran oil can be enjoyed in cosmetics, finger nail polish, hair conditioners, lipstick, skin softeners, and sunscreen products.

Menopause herbal supplement support: rice bran oil

Its the oryzanol anti-oxidant in rice bran oil that helps relieve unwanted menopausal symptoms. Isolated from rice bran oil, gamma-oryzanol is used to address hot flashes, encourage endorphins (natural painkillers), and improve pituitary functionality in menopausal women. Just 300mg taken on a daily basis was enough in a recent study to partially or totally relieve hot flashes in 80% of women. Gamma-oryzanol is proven to help with heart palpitations, night sweats, and stress for menopausal women.

Now that you know

Now that you have completed the research, its time to make your decision. Its time to decide how youre going to embrace menopause. Enjoy your journey through menopause because youre going to live past menopause for a third of your life. Embrace and enjoy your menopausal life without any of thoseharmful side effects that many of those expensive prescriptions provide.

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