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Hot Flash Relief: Black Cohosh & Sage Leaf Soothe Hot Flashes — an article on the Smart Living Network
October 29, 2008 at 12:06 PMComments: 0 Faves: 0

Hot Flash Relief: Black Cohosh & Sage Leaf Soothe Hot Flashes


Hot flash relief

Hot flashes by day. Night sweats by night. Everyone knows what they are. Hot flashes are inconvenient. Hot flashes can leave a menopausal woman dripping with sweat and embarrassed. Hot flashes are not life threatening. It's their unannounced entrance that bothers women. It's annoying to experience a hot flash in the middle of a speech, concert, sermon, meeting, or class lecture. Menopausal women dread hot flashes before they start. Alternative remedies for menopausal relief are being sought now more than ever. See how black cohosh and sage leaf soothe hot flashes for menopausal women.

Black cohosh soothes hot flashes

Black cohosh is an herb found in the buttercup family. This promising botanical acts like an estrogen stimulator and is the most widely used herb to relieve hot flashes. The recommended daily dose of black cohosh is 20-60mg. Black cohosh is known to relieve anxiety, hot flashes, headaches, loss of concentration, nervousness, sleep interruptions, and vaginal dryness. A recent study found black cohosh, when used for eight weeks, provided needed relief of menopausal symptoms. The estrogenic effect of black cohosh benefits menopausal women because it works specifically on the uterus and reduces cramps. Because of its anti-rheumatic properties, black cohosh relieves cramping and muscular aches and pains.

Sage leaf soothes hot flashes

Sage leaf contains calcium, iron, niacin, potassium, and vitamins A, B1, B2, and C. Just a single dosage of sage leaf is known to provide relief from menopausal symptoms from two hours to days. Sage provides antispasmodic oils that ease pain and excessive bleeding in menopausal women. Sage leaf has proved its efficacy to relieve anxiety, headaches, mood swings, and perspiration that leads to hot flashes. Sage leaf increases alertness, calmness, and contentment. The estrogenic effect of sage leaf gives it a beneficial edge over other herbs when it comes to menopause. Sage leaf is also noted to help manage menstrual irregularity. The plant estrogens in sage leaf are particularly useful to reducing excessive sweating that comes from hot flashes or night sweats. Some women prefer to drink sage leaf tea, rather than to take sage leaf supplements.

What's a menopausal woman to do?

Do the research. Search your options. Talk to your doctor. Talk to other menopausal women. Learn everything you can about menopause and its symptoms. Relief for mild to moderate hot flashes are generally controlled with simple lifestyle changes that include a diet without spicy or hot foods and caffeinated beverages, a diet that includes cool beverages, an exercise regimen that actually keeps your body cool, a life without smoking and alcohol triggers, a wardrobe that includes light layers, a routine that includes relaxation techniques, and a sleeping routine that excludes heavy bedding and includes lightweight pajamas. Whatever you decide, make sure it's your decision, and incorporate these lifestyle changes into your life for a smooth transition in and out of menopause.

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