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Causes of Early Menopause in Women — an article on the Smart Living Network
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Causes of Early Menopause in Women


Early Menopause

In most cases, women who begin to experience the process of menopause are around the age of 45 to 55. Women who experience cessation of their menstrual cycle before 45 are experiencing early menopause or premature menopause. There are a number of factors that could go into what will make a woman start the gradual process of menopause. Some causes of beginning early menopause include:

  • lifestyle choices
  • Oophorectomy and total Hysterectomy
  • radiation therapy or chemotherapy
  • genetics

Lifestyle Choices

Lifestyle choices can make a drastic difference on how early a woman will begin to go through her menopause process. Diet and Exercise factor into when a woman will begin the process of menopause. Proper nutrition keeps women at a healthy weight and also helps to make sure a woman gets the proper nutrients that will keep her menstrual cycles regular and her body fertile. Women who smoke are quite a bit more likely to experience early menopause. A woman who smokes regularly will probably experience menopause 1-3 years earlier than most women. There are other lifestyle choices that are known to trigger early menopause such as:

  • heavy drinking
  • stress
  • obsessive amounts of caffeine
  • sexual diseases

It is important to make healthy lifestyle choices because they will end up playing a big role in keeping your fertility, and also helps to prevent early menopause.

Oophorectomy and Total Hysterectomy

The procedure called Oophorectomy is when both of a woman's ovaries are surgically removed her body stops producing ovarian hormones. Women who undergo a Oophorectomy before they have had a chance to begin their natural menopause process will experience symptoms of early menopause abruptly because the body has not had time to get adjusted to the hormone changes. Women can also begin early menopause by receiving a Hysterectomy, which is the removal of a woman's uterus, ovaries, and fallopian tubes. Even if the ovaries are not removed during a Hysterectomy, the procedure could still cause a woman to go into early menopause because a surgery around the pelvic area can cause uneven blood flow to the ovaries and in turn cause ovarian failure.

Radiation Therapy and Chemotherapy

Early menopause can be brought on by going through radiation therapy or chemotherapy. Radiation therapy and chemotherapy are used to kill cancer cells in the body, but also by doing that there is a possibility of wiping out cells that are perfectly fine. Chemotherapy and Radiation therapy tend to kill hair cells, digestive cells, and ovarian cells the most. Some women after going through one of these procedures will begin experiencing menopause symptoms temporarily, while other women will permanently begin the menopause process.


A woman's genetics could play a part in when a woman begins the process of menopause. Some women are naturally born with fewer eggs, also a woman's mother can be a deciding factor on when she will begin going through menopause. Women born with Turner's syndrome are born with a chromosome defect, and the ovaries do not form properly also resulting in early menopause. Sources: [sniplet Menopol]

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