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3 Common Urban Legends About Menopause From Men and Women — an article on the Smart Living Network
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3 Common Urban Legends About Menopause From Men and Women


Who starts myths about menopause?

Women know menopause is a difficult phase to understand or describe. However, when the men in our life appear apathetic or clueless, it doesn't help.

What he said, she said about the 3 common urban legends about menopause

The #3 Urban Legend About Menopause

He said, "She's an emotional wreck! It's like she's hysterical all the time! I don't know what she wants half the time and I don't know what thinks the other half of the time!" She said, "Okay, there's no medical reason that links menopause to emotional chaos. True, some women may feel emotional ups and downs as she goes through her new phase of life, but to blame menopause isn't medically proven. Did you ever think that maybe it's the stress in my life, my health, my low self-esteem, my family medical history, or my job? I need you to be there for me, not stand against me."

The #2 Urban Legend About Menopause

He said, "What's the cure for menopause, and can you start using it?" She said, "Please. First of all, a cure denotes that I have a disease. A disease is defined as a disorder, an abnormality, a morbid condition, an imbalance, an ailment, a sickness, or an infirmity. Menopause is none of those descriptions. Spare me the drama. Menopause is a perfectly normal phenomenon. You talk of a cure; let's presume there is one. Why would you ask me to take something that isn't proven or could harm me? Why would you be willing for me to do that? You would be the only one to benefit from that decision. Why don't you give me some understanding and encourage me?"

The #1 Urban Legend About Menopause

He said, "Every single woman loses interest in sex when she enter menopause and there's no going back." She said, "Guess what? It has been proven that libido is not linked to a woman's estrogen levels! In fact, estrogen levels do not crash or disappear at the onset of menopause. Further, there have been a reported 50% of women who reported no decrease in sexual desire whatsoever. Only 20% of women reported a lack of sexual interest. You may be pleasantly surprised to find out relieved stress and a new sense of freedom from the empty nest or a new sense of independence may actually increase my sexual interest!"

What she said, he said about the 3 common urban legends about menopause

The #3 Suggestion

She said, "Help me deal with the goings-on at home, church, and work. Don't make me ask you to help. Offer to help. You will find when I don't feel stressed, you don't feel stressed." He said, "Okay, I can do that! You know I don't always see what needs to be done, so help me by giving me some clues! I promise I try!"

The #2 Suggestion

She said, "Help me research menopause, its symptoms, how long it will last, what my prescription and natural options are to ease my symptoms. I know it's my responsibility, but I could sure use your help." He said, "Sure! I love surfing on the Web and I could save some sites as a favorite site for you. I would love to do that for you! By the way, I read something about taking all-natural products and they are supposed to reduce your menopause symptoms without side effects! Let's look at it together!"

The #1 Suggestion

She said, "I know my body will probably go through some changes. I need you there to encourage and motivate me, not discourage and de-motivate me. Please take walks with me when I ask you to go with me. Please don't tempt me to eat those foods I shouldn't. Please work with me, not against me." He said, "Honey, I would love to hold your hand and take a walk with you. I'll try to remember to stop for my favorite ice cream on my way home from work so I won't tempt you. I'm going to really try hard as you stick to these new lifestyles. I love you."

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