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Dr. Jeff Chamberlain, MD's Profile

Dr. Jeff Chamberlain, MD

Family Doctor
Health Coach

About Dr. Jeff Chamberlain, MD

Long ago, my grandfather, "Doc Chamberlain", helped me realize that being a doctor is not just an intellectual job.

Being a doctor means being connected with the intimate parts of people's lives. It means having the opportunity to show compassion on a daily basis, and it means having the privilege and responsibility to help people in need.

That is when I realized being a doctor is what I wanted to do.

Life is dynamic. People mature, change and grow over time. Family doctors are blessed with the privilege of experiencing life with our patients. There is no other career I would rather have than being a family doctor.

For Appointments:

Dr. Jeffery L. Chamberlain M.D. Advantage Health Physician Network Byron Center, MI 1-616-685-8500

Title: Family Doctor

Location: Grand Rapids, MI

Dr. Jeff Chamberlain, MD's Topics

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