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The Biological Need for Sex — an article on the Smart Living Network
January 18, 2008 at 7:22 AMComments: 0 Faves: 0

The Biological Need for Sex


General Biological Needs

The survival of the human race is impossible without fulfillment of the biological needs, or necessary requirements for survival. There are several general human biological needs listed below. When all of the biological needs have been met in adequate amounts, this state is known as homeostasis.

  • Food: This must provide adequate amounts of vitamins, minerals, and essential amino acids.
  • Water: Water is necessary for all life, as it supports our biological systems.
  • Air: Comprised of oxygen and other necessary elements.
  • Temperature Regulation: This is obtained through the use of clothing, location, and protecting structures.
  • Sex: Procreation is necessary for the survival of the human race.

Sex is a Biological Need

Contrary to popular belief, sex is a biological need. Sex is responsible for the process of procreation, the generation of offspring. Without it, the human race would cease to exist, but sex is also used for pleasure and to increase intimacy and love between partners in a relationship.

Homeostasis: Biological Need Regulation

Successful fulfillment of our biological needs is essential for survival. Not only must these biological needs be fulfilled, but regulation is necessary. The maintenance and regulation of the biological need for sex for the purpose of procreation is typically achieved through sexual intercourse. However, advances in science provide other ways of procreation, including artificial insemination. These advances still fulfill the normal biological function of sperm fertilizing an egg for development within the uterus of the female body.

Sex: Only a Biological Need?

Sex is not typically thought of as a biological need because it fulfills other physical and mental needs necessary for the generation and maintenance of good overall health. It is no longer commonly thought of as a biological need because sex has developed to mean much more within society. It has been researched and is associated with other factors than simply the process of procreation.

Sex: Health Benefits

Sex is also associated with certain health benefits. There is a correlation between overall emotional health and the presence of healthy sexual relationships. There even exists positive correlations between physical health and overall sexual health. The fact is, sex is a normal part of a healthy life and listed here are several known factors that are influenced by good sexual health:

  • Exercise: Sex requires some movement and burns calories, making this a fun way to exercise and promote physical health.
  • Happiness: Research has shown that individuals in relationships that describe their sexual lifestyle as good are happier individuals.
  • Prostate Health: Current research shows that individuals with healthy sex lives have lower incidences of prostate problems.
  • Stress Relief: Sexual activity is known to decrease overall stress levels.


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