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Smoking May Lead to Erectile Dysfunction — an article on the Smart Living Network
April 1, 2009 at 8:31 AMComments: 0 Faves: 0

Smoking May Lead to Erectile Dysfunction


Erectile dysfunction is a condition that affects men and their ability to achieve and maintain an erection sufficient enough to complete sexual intercourse. To get a healthy erection, blood vessels must expand to allow increased blood flow to the penis. Every man may experience episodes or erectile failure during his lifetime. Only when these failures become consistent is the man diagnosed with erectile dysfunction.

To Be Smoking In the Bedroom, You Have to QUIT Smoking!

Currently there is new research that has released evidence proving smoking may be a major cause when it comes to erectile dysfunction. In a study, a man's ability to get an erection was measured and reported at an American Heart Association Conference. A long-term study was conducted over a fourteen year period, following roughly 22,000 US men. This study found that smoking and obesity drastically increased risk of impotence. Smokers were 50% more likely to develop erectile dysfunction when compared to non-smoking men. The men that exercised where 30% less likely to develop ED over a fourteen year period; but only when exercise was consistent throughout the time frame. Researcher Jiang He, MD, PhD, an epidemiologists in New Orleans states This is not the first study to document an association between cigarette smoking and erectile dysfunction. The new study was unique in the fact that is looked at several factors associated with ED. Individually and combined, both erectile dysfunction and smoking have been linked to build-up of plaque in the arteries, also known as artherosclerosis. This plaque blocks flow of blood through vessels causing numerous circulatory problems, which can cause erectile dysfunction.

No Ifs, Ands, or BUTTS about it!

Once considered primarily psychological in nature, erectile dysfunction has shown it poses the same risk factors as dangerous heart disease. Anything that obstructs blood flow can have a detrimental effect on the body leading to ED, just like it could lead to heart episodes or failures. In another study done, around 5,000 mean were studied all averaging age 47. Questions of sexual health and smoking habits were among the questions. Studies found:

  • Only 12% of non-smokers suffered from ED, while more than double (roughly 35%) of smokers suffered from impotence.
  • Among men who had smoked at any time in their life, past or present, around 15% had experienced at least several episodes of ED.
  • Men smoking up to or more than 20 cigarettes a day increased their risk of erectile dysfunction by 65% compared to men who had never smoked.

An estimated 18 million American men suffer from erectile dysfunction and over half of them are smokers! Because penile blood flow is impaired, nitric oxide activity is interrupted, which is essential in achieving an erection.

Quitting Smoking Can Reverse Damage

Though the body of someone who has never smoked will function better, quitting smoking can seriously help with the problem. When a man stops smoking, circulation throughout the entire body improves, allowing blood flow to the penis to be more efficient when it counts.

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