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New Year, New Resolutions. — an article on the Smart Living Network
January 2, 2012 at 7:05 AMComments: 2 Faves: 0

New Year, New Resolutions.


Change is Hard.

Just like you, I am a work in progress.

Each year I choose a new area in my life to try to improve, create, or change. While I may not succeed every time (last year I wanted to write monthly letters to those I am closest to… I did increase the number of letters I sent, but I certainly was far from my goal of every single month. Oops!), I appreciate the time for reflection on the past year. I find it helpful to think about what I did right, could have done better, or “should” have attempted.

Yes, I recognize that I cannot do it all,  but I cannot fight my Type A personality and will always strive to stretch my reach and do just a little more to continue to improve my efforts toward health and happiness.

This year, I have two goals.

Goal #1: Cook More.

When we are stretched thin and racing from one task to the next, I find it is far too easy to become stuck in a cooking rut – making the same meals over and over.

For me, 2011 may be the year that I crammed in more than any other year in my life! Between multiple jobs, grad school, wedding planning and just the daily hustle and bustle. While I do not have a single regret as I made each decision with excitement, I left myself with much less time than I would have liked to devote to our vegetable garden or dinner table and I am still looking forward to enjoying  those things more this year - particularly in the food realm with my husband!

My goal is to cook one new meal each month. Perhaps not the most strenuous goal, but one that is measurable and achievable – and hopefully one that will inspire even more meals!

Goal #2: Give More.

The other goal I have for 2011 is to overcome my selfish tendencies. Yikes. That is a difficult one to admit, but I can still be selfish about certain things… Shameful, I know! I am a thousand times improved since I was a child, yet when someone asks for something or rather takes something, my initial feeling is, “MINE”!

Although I usually manage to stifle my inner voice and hand over the last apple, bag of tea, favorite recipe, or (insert anything that you tend to cling to here…) whatever with a smile, I would love to be able to erase that initial negative and give as my mother does. Devoting countless hours to those in her life and dropping everything to do just that, my mom is the most generous and selfless person I know. She is truly my role-model!

It has been difficult for me to create a measurement to accommodate this goal; I have decided that it can only help to give more of my self by volunteering more. I am hoping that by working with people who have less material things will help me to become more cognizant of how insignificant and artificial these material goods are. Turning my focus to what truly matters in our lives: family, friends, happiness, and health.

Cheers to Health and Hope!

Though I believe they will still be difficult to achieve, I hope that by sharing my resolutions,  I'll have the inspiration I need to keep myself accountable! 

What goals do YOU have for 2012?

Perhaps we can help hold one another responsible for our wishes for change in the coming year. Isn’t that what our healthy community here at HelloLife is all about?

Best wishes to each one of you for 2012! I hope that the year brings greater health and happiness into your lives.


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  • Thanks for posting this Jessica. It's very inspirational! :)

    One of my goals is also to cook more. Right now my husband gets home an hour to and hour and a half before me. I tell him I want to share the cooking role, but he says there's no point since he is home earlier. So I cook on the weekends and he cooks on the weekdays. But that doesn't seem fair to me. So I am going to try and convince him to relax when he gets home a couple days during the week and I will cook! :)

    Another goal is to work out more. even if it's just 10 minutes a day. That shouldn't be too hard to get in, right? ;)

  • Bri, it sounds like you have some terrific goals for the new year lined up for yourself! I love to hear that you are also focused on cooking as it is such a fun and rewarding activity, especially if you are sharing it with your hubby :) If he is too hungry when he first gets home to wait, maybe he could work on slicing up some veggies to go with a bit of hummus and enjoy a glass of wine while he waits???

    Even 10 minutes a day of exercise is better than none, you are absolutely right! If you are able to squeeze in a 10 minute walk during your lunch hour, you could have your goal accomplished before you get home! Or if you are really up for the challenge, aim for 10 minutes before work, 10 minutes at lunch, and 10 minutes in the evening and then you will already be at a healthy 30 minute amount!

    Keep us posted on your progress, Bri. Good luck!

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