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August 22, 2011 at 3:20 PMComments: 2 Faves: 0

Maintaining Relationships


Maintaining relationships with friends over the years can be difficult.  Our busy lifestyles include among others, family commitments, job commitments, and hobbies.  These time commitments hinder relationships. A geographical move will also strain a relationship.  

I’ve been fortunate to have a special relationship with three other guys I went to kindergarten with.  That may not seem to be significant until you realize that I’m 66 years old.  Since 1950 the three of us have hand a continuous relationship. 

In the early years while we were in school it was easy because we saw each other almost every day.  Although we didn’t always participate in the same school activities we always had a common bond while growing up.  The bond for us was our love for fishing.  When we got married we still hung out together, although not as often, spending an occasional evening or weekend fishing. 

 As our lives took us in different directions with jobs and families we still maintained our relationship when we would get together during the summer when we would come back home and visit our parents.  To reinforce these relationships we would always include our families in the activities.  We always made it special so the kids and the wives enjoyed the time together.

Over the years these activities have slowed as our families have grown but the three of us have committed to maintaining our relationship.  For the past 4 years we have met for one week in February at a trout fishing resort in Arkansas.  Each year we start planning in June.  We are like kids getting ready for a birthday party.  It is crazy how adults can act.  During the fishing week we fish, eat, and remember the old times.  And the old times never get “Old” . 

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  • Since KINDERGARTEN?! That's awesome. :)

    It definitely gets tricky to maintain friendships when you no longer see your friends 5 days a week at school or at work - and a little harder still when significant others and children and moves come into the picture. Considering all those factors, it's really amazing and admirable that you've managed to maintain those friendships through the years!

  • That is awesome, I know that I always try to keep in contact with my friends, I know that I just have to make a point of reaching out!

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