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I Love Sunshine!

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I don’t know about you but I like sunshine!  When the sun is shining just feel better.  Even though I try to keep my attitude in check it seems to pattern the weather.  When it is sunny I’m sunny, when it is gloomy I’m gloomy.  With summer coming to an end I did some research about the amount of sunshine we get in Southwest Michigan and Grand Rapids in particular.  According to The National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration’s (NOAA) data over the past 47 Grand Rapids averages 64 clear days, 96 partly cloudy days and 205 cloudy days per year.  Cloudy is defined as 80% cloud cover.   

Only 17.5% of the time we have clear days.  If that is not enough to depress you read more.  The sun reaches the ground and average of only 46% of the time in Grand Rapids, lowest in Michigan. 

But…. We have had a great July and August this year.   We had 81% possible sunshine in July and 71% in August!  Average temp in July was 87 and 81 in August.   Going forward for the next three months the predictions are for above average temperatures and normal precipitation.

How does the sunshine or lack of sunshine impact your health and/or attitude?  As we go into Fall and Winter what things will you be doing to keep the “Winter Doldrums” at a minimum?  

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