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Make Biking An Adventure - Hit Local Bike Trails! — an article on the Smart Living Network
July 20, 2011 at 4:07 PMComments: 0 Faves: 0

Make Biking An Adventure - Hit Local Bike Trails!


I'm going to sound old here but I remember when all kids had to do for a good time was head out the door, grab the bike and roll off in search of...well who knows what...just pedaling along seemed like enough sometimes. But these days everything seems to have to have an “extremeness” to it. To catch anyone's attention it's gotta be rad or bad.

That's sad.

But just today I caught a glimpse of the “good old days” when I took my son out for a ride. He's 8 and is a self professed shredder (snowboarding) and a grinder (skateboarding) So how, I sometimes wonder, am I going to get his motor running with something as simple as a bike ride? I took him into the woods.

The dirt path was fairly wide (a couple of feet) but I'm sure that to a kid with only a couple of years experience behind the handlebars, the sight of hills and ditches, trees and rocks were a punch to the adrenal glands.

From behind me I could hear the constant chatter of a child trying to seem like he had it together, but I'm sure it was anything but. “Whoa!” “What-the?!”, “Man, just made that!” were the gist of what I heard.

And, at the end of what would be a beginner's trail at best, it was like my son had climbed K-2 and lived to tell about it.

Whew. I guess there's hope. The unknown, that which has yet to be experienced, is still a thrill...even if it's not an event in the X games.

To get info about where the beginner off road trails are check in with your local bike shop!

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