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Genetically modified foods — an article on the Smart Living Network
August 12, 2011 at 11:06 AMComments: 3 Faves: 0

Genetically modified foods


I am writing here to begin a discussion about the relatively new technology that is genetically modified foods.  I believe this is an issue that the general public knows very little about and that their lack of knowledge about genetically modified foods and crops is by design.  The risks of releasing genetically modified crops into the environment are too high and too many.  It would not be a proper GMO conversation without bringing up Mansanto who is the global leader in genetically modified organisms. 

I'll begin the discussion with a link to a very good article from VanityFair in 2008 about Mansanto and their business practices.  This is a good start to understand the scope of the problem and exactly what's at stake.


  • Monsanto is an interesting case study in the dangers of genetically modified foods and in the dangers of corporate power. Their business practices are suspect at best, but that is nothing compared to their actual agricultural practices. So here's the lowdown. Under the guise of preventing the GMO foods from spreading to adjacent farms the geneticists at Monsanto have engineered a "terminator gene" into many of their GMO crops. This makes the seeds that the crops produce sterile so each crop ideally wont be able to spread into neighboring fields. Sounds like a good idea except for this: Even crops with a the "terminator gene" still can cross pollinate with neighboring farms. This contamination can be devastating to local farmers who rely on the seeds their crops produce being fertile.

    The effect of this is great for Monsanto, local farmers are now completely dependent upon buying seed from Monsanto year after year. No longer can they produce their own seed. This is obviously a windfall for Monsanto as they are creating a demand for their seed where there was none before. Unfortunately this is a huge expense for small farmers who many times will not be able to afford the expensive Monsanto seeds year after year. The possible effects of this can only be described with one word, Evil. Now that the "Terminator Gene" has entered the eco-systems of the World the effects could be devastating with farmers no longer being able to simple reap the seeds from their crops each year to foster next years planting. Many farmers that have been effected don't have access to Monsanto seeds or they cannot afford them every year. Many other farmers just plant their seeds the following years after contamination and wonder why they didn't grow anything. Taken to the extreme this could result in famine and it wouldn't surprise me if the famine in Africa right now, the worst in 60 years, is at least in part a result of the Terminator Gene.

    Simply put, this is a power grab by a global corporation. Monsanto's goal is to control the World's food supply. I for one don't trust any Corporation to control the World's food supply, much less one with as dubious of a record as Monsanto.

  • John, thank you so much for posting this. This is a topic that has really piqued my interest as of late, and it's really scary how much is hidden from the general public. I'm reading that Vanity Fair article right now, and it's fascinating.

  • Monsanto charged with Bio Piracy.

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