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September 16, 2009 at 8:38 AMComments: 1 Faves: 0

Avoid the Routine Relationship Trap


The Beginning Stages...

Think back to when you first started dating your significant other. Nothing was better than to spend time with them, you were nervous, but extremely happy with the way things were going.

You could not wait until the next time you could see him or her. You were on cloud nine and nothing could get in your way of happiness. You hit small milestones and you cannot help but feel like you are in the "honeymoon stage" (nothing is wrong with the other person, nothing could go wrong). Time goes by and you get a little more comfortable. The "honeymoon stage" slowly starts to disappear. It is easy to get comfortable with someone after being with them for months or years. Soon, things are not so new anymore. The excitement level starts to decrease, without you completely realizing it, until it is too late.

How to Escape the Relationship Trap

The relationship trap is the point in which you and your partner begin to feel bored with one another. You forget about making the other person happy the way you once did. This can put a lot of strain on most relationships. It is something that can happen to anyone but it is easier for some to get out of than others. It is easy to take a relationship for granted, but takes work to get it back to the way it once was.

Doing Special Things for Each Other Again

When you first started dating, you both tried to impress each other, whether it was taking each other on creative dates or doing something the other person really loved to do. It can be the smallest thing that you do for each other (which may seem insignificant) that can mean the world to your other half. It shows that you care and that you want to keep trying to make things interesting.

Attention to Each Others' Physical and Sexual Needs Again

It may have been put on the back burner for a while, but now is the time to pay close attention to it like you did at the earlier stages of the relationship. Rub your significant other's back after a long day of work, even a kiss when he or she arrives home, is an adequate start. It is important to stay in tune to each other's needs because often times that can be the problem in the relationship. It is important to communicate and try to come up with a solution to any problems within this realm.

Time to Get the Romance Back

Doing romantic things for one another can give a spark to the fire that was once burning. It will also make the problem less awkward when trying to solve it. It is important to really try because if you do not, it will only cause more problems within the relationship. Try getting a couple's massage together, take a weekend vacation where you are alone and focused on each other and nothing else. This can be an important part of getting back to where things started.

Avoid the Trap

Some couples get so far out of reach with what the other person wants which can result in hurt feelings or other serious problems. In order to get out of the rut, talk to each other, communicate. Make an attempt to change your actions when the other person feels hurt or bored with the relationship. Spice things up when it feels old and dull. Having a healthy relationship includes healthy communication, trust and attention paid to physical needs. It is never too late to try and is always worth it, especially if you can get back some of the newness. When it comes to love and matters of the heart, it is important have an open mind and an open heart.

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  • Great blog post, and good ideas. I used to be involved with relationships that lost the initial spark that was there in the beginning. When relationships come to be a chore, that's when you know that it's not what it used to be.

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