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An Office Worker's Diet: Stop Snacking On Unhealthy Foods — an article on the Smart Living Network
November 17, 2007 at 11:16 PMComments: 0 Faves: 0

An Office Worker's Diet: Stop Snacking On Unhealthy Foods


Unhealthy office snacking is a common temptation among office workers

It can be difficult to resist vending machine snacks or the cake and treats brought in on special occasions. It is easy to be influenced by the bad eating habits of nearby cubicle inhabitants. Corporate expense accounts make lunches out that much more fattening. What can an office worker do to improve their diet?

Stop snacking on unhealthy foods

During a long work day, it can be easy and convenient to reach for the nearest vending machine snack, quickly adding calories that are simply not worth their weight. Some tips to keep you going healthfully:

  • Drink more water. The benefits to drinking water are seemingly endless; did you also know that it can make you feel full, without adding calories? It's recommended that you get a full eight glasses a day, so the next time you're feeling hungry, make a trip to the water cooler.
  • Bring something from home. More cost effective and calorie saving, bring in rice cakes, granola bars, or a fruit cup to snack on instead of reaching for diet-damaging vending machine junk.
  • Don't dance with the devil. If you work near a deli or bakery and you frequently find yourself succumbing to its goodies, the solution is simple: don't go. Don't allow yourself to smell or see these foods and you won't give into the temptation of eating them.
  • Let them eat cake. If your coworkers bring in goodies occasionally, it's okay to politely decline. When it's your turn to bring in a treat, opt for a beautiful fruit tray or healthy bran muffins. If you can encourage healthy eating patterns in those around you, it may be easier for you to eat better yourself.

Our Lunches, Our Selves

Lunch in an office can present several unhealthy options; nearby restaurants or an in-house cafeteria can destroy your diet if you're not careful. Some solutions:

  • Read up on the restaurants near your workplace. There may be healthier cafes and restaurants out there that you don't know about. Suggest these venues when dining out for lunch.
  • Study the menu, and save some for later. If you can't control the restaurant, you can still control what you order (hopefully). Study the menu and stick with healthier-sounding options. Ask the server about healthier menu items. And it's well known that restaurant portions are much larger than recommended - so get a takeout box if the food is good enough. If not, don't feel guilty about not cleaning your plate.
  • Aim to bring your own lunch at least twice a week. If healthy options don't exist at or near the office, you can still brown-bag it. This option is usually more economical financially and nutritionally.

Get Some Exercise

Most office workers turn to unhealthy snacks when they are bored or need energy, so walking and stretching can be an excellent alternative, even if it's just to the water cooler.


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