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[A Love For Bargain Shopping] GREAT FIND: Red Silk Ensemble from Goodwill - $20! — an article on the Smart Living Network
June 5, 2012 at 4:36 PMComments: 2 Faves: 0

GREAT FIND: Red Silk Ensemble from Goodwill - $20!

From the A Love For Bargain Shopping Blog Series

It’s been awhile since I wrote a new bargain shopping blog. Please forgive me for my absence!

This week I learned a valuable lesson:

Waiting can REALLY pay off!

And by "pay off", I’m talking about how much money you save when you are patient and wait for a good deal.

A few weeks ago, my friend and I decided to go shopping at Goodwill. I had been wearing the same blue dress all last summer and while it served the purpose, I was craving a little variety! I was desperately in need of more dresses including one that I could wear at upcoming weddings.

red silk dressThe Cute Red Silk Bow Dress

I went to the dress rack and found a beautiful red dress, possibly in my size. I was excited, but tried not to get too carried away about my find until I tried it on.

Luckily, it fit perfectly!

It’s a lovely red silk and has a bow in the center. Looking closely I realized the tag said “David’s Bridal” so technically it’s a bridesmaid dress, but after some consideration, I decided to buy it anyway. It’s simple enough that  I think it still works as a dress to wear at weddings!

Brand: David’s Bridal
Price: $16

The story doesn’t end here though! This week I decided to make a trip to Goodwill again. I had recently done some spring cleaning and finally moved the last of my things out of my parent’s house after 1 year of marriage! Needless to say, there were a lot of old things that needed to be given away.

red satin shoesRed Satin Shoes With Flower Embellishment

As I drove up to the donation center of Goodwill and handed over my last box, I decided to go inside. And what a good idea that was! A pair of satin red shoes with flowers on the toes were waiting for me to find them…and they were in my size. :)

Brand: Fiona
Price: $4

I was a little worried that the red colors on the dress and heels wouldn’t match, but when I got the shoes back home, I compared the colors and it was pretty crazy…they actually matched!

The lesson I learned this day? It’s good to be patient. Through waiting a couple weeks, I was able to find shoes that matched my dress at a very, very reasonable price.

There’s a wedding this Friday and I cannot wait to wear my new red dress and red shoes. It will be a change from that blue dress I wore all last summer!

Have you found any good deals by waiting it out?

What did you think?


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  • Hey Bri~ So glad to see this back! YEAH! This is one of my favorite blog series! I went to the Goodwill Blue Boutique and found a J. Crew skirt (I wore it yesterday to work and on my TV segments) for $15!!!!! LOVE IT!!!!

  • Victoria, oh my gosh! What a great deal! That's so exciting -only $15? This is why goodwill is AMAZING.

    Watch for another blog soon...I found a banana republic sweater for my husband recently at goodwill.

    Where is the Goodwill Blue Boutique located? I haven't heard of that one yet, maybe have to give it a try!

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