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November 2, 2012 at 12:45 PMComments: 0 Faves: 1

Women In The Weight Room

By Cornelius Bounds, CPT More Blogs by This Author

Ladies, lifting weights is ideal for building muscle and reducing fat. At the gym, the first thing many ladies do is occupy the ellipticals and cardio machines for prolonged periods of time, with minimal time hitting the iron. Why?

In fact, after countless conversations with female clients and trainers, many are simply too self conscious or uncomfortable with co-ed  gyms, too frightened to exercise alongside enthusiasts with the ripped abs, chiseled biceps and triceps, and those that seem to have weight lifting a bit more under control. Funny, but when you think about it, most women are afraid because the weight equipment looks strange or intimidating. Most ladies feel that the cardio machines are ideal for loosing fat and building muscle. That's good, but not the most efficient way to maximize results..

Perseverance and Patience...

Try not to pay attention to what people are doing around you... The fact of the matter isYoung fit woman working out that more than likely, those individuals that seem to have things under control regardless of the fitness level or years of experience, once struggled with weight room apprehension. Many fitness enthusiasts are, or were, thinking the same way at one point.

Just because you feel you are not in the shape of your life doesn't mean you have to shun the weight room. Chances are you may be missing out on something you may really enjoy. Who knows, lifting weights may become the best weapon in your fitness arsenal, giving you the toned feminine physique you desire...

Confidence and Direction...

Young fit woman working outWhether your workouts consist of simple circuits, chest workout, or squats... no matter what your regimen may be, don't let you apprehension keep you away from long term weight room success. The more time you spend in the weight room the, the more successful you become. Here are a couple of tips to help you increase your confidence in the weight room:

Don't compare you level of fitness with others in the weight room...This is a bad habit that is very easy to form. Looking at them distracts you. Envision and focus on your goals. Their goals are essentially irrelevant to what you are trying to achieve.

Go with a friend... In a previous blog I talked about choosing the right workout partner. Having a workout partner is a great way to keep your mind and body fresh, all while adding different challenges to your repertoire.

Sign up for a personal trainer... It's okay if you don't know what you are doing. "Don't be afraid to ask a trainer." A personal trainer is a great way to understand and maximize your exercises and results.

Keep it FUN and ENJOY yourself...

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