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Why is real state important?

By jack savin More Blogs by This Author

You might be asking yourself, "Why is real state important?" Real state can have very major and long-lasting effects on the life of the individual. However, it takes years of consistent practice to achieve the success that can come from becoming an accomplished player in any of the martial arts. If you are trying to master the art of Karate or Tae Kwon Do, then learning the concept of real state must be integrated into your training program.

The best way to explain the real state is to compare it to a computer operating system. The whole point of a computer operating system is to run efficiently and without problems or errors.

The same is true of a real state. Achieving a state of harmony with reality is what real estate is all about.

Most of the training programs you find online or at the local dojo focus on the concepts of mental power and the mental training that can be done within the confines of the mind. Mind training is the prime focus of most martial arts programs. The result is that most trainees are unprepared for the challenges that exist when they step into the ring to fight a martial artist.

One of the biggest problems in terms of martial arts competition is lack of real state. When the self is removed from reality, the application of the martial arts principles and the internal state of the mind are greatly reduced.

The main component of the mind training programs is the concept of conflict resolution. In simple terms, there must be problems in order to learn, but if the mind is not kept busy with competing with various problems, then the mind cannot progress to the level of mental supremacy necessary to be effective in the martial arts.

It is necessary for your mind to be kept busy with real state in order to be able to function at the highest level possible. When your mind is occupied with problems or stressors, then your performance and effectiveness in the art of the martial arts are greatly reduced.

The fact is that for the greatest success in the world of martial arts, you must train with your mind fully engaged with the training concepts. If you are attempting to learn the art of Tai Chi Chuan, then you must be fully focused on your training program.

The vast majority of the people who study martial arts lack the mental discipline required to realize their full potential. If you are not interested in learning this art form, then you are wasting your time and wasting your energy.

Every valuable lessons that you can take away from the art of Tai Chi Chuan can only be attained if you are willing to put forth the necessary effort to attain a higher level of ability. The concept of real state can be used to enhance the development of your martial arts training in two ways.

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First, the mental training must be turned into an exercise in conflict resolution. This will cause the mind to become engaged in real state and create patterns of increased confidence in the application of the martial arts knowledge that you acquire during your training programs.

Second, the internal conflict that results from the conflict resolution is going to allow you to experience the results of practical application of the Tai Chi Chuan techniques. Many successful individuals have had great success in their field simply by practicing the principles of real state and problem solving at the highest level.


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