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August 21, 2008 at 4:50 AMComments: 0 Faves: 0

What Are The Benefits Of Weight Training?

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Weight Training

Weight training is important for all people, as part of a complete workout. It works various muscle groups throughout the body and is highly effective for everyone who does it. Whether you are an athlete or just a person trying to get in shape, weight training is essential.

Who Can Weight Training Benefit?

The benefits of weight training can affect many people, young or old, those just wanting to tone up or people who are overweight. There are different types of weight training that are specialized for people of various ages and for people with different goals they would like to achieve.

Benefits of Weight Training

  • Helps build strong bones. This is a natural way to build bone density and can reduce the risk of osteoporosis. This is especially important for women and has proven to help dramatically.
  • Muscle is built. Weight lifting for even two to three times per week can help build muscle mass. This will improve physical appearance because the body will be toned.
  • Decreased fat. When the body has more muscle, it burns fat more efficiently. Metabolism increases due to the increase in muscle. The more weight training is done per week, the more calories and fat that will be burnt.
  • Improve self-confidence and perception. With the body burning fat more efficiently, you will begin to feel the affects of weight training in your muscle tone and waistline. It will also be easier to complete tasks that were difficult once before. It can give some people the independence that they have been looking for. Improved self perception from weight training also helps to combat depression and its symptoms.
  • Better sleep habits. Insomnia is decreased with more exercise and weight training. This may also be especially helpful for women because when going through menopause they may encounter troubles with sleeping and sleep habits.
  • Arthritis relief. One study showed that people who have arthritis reported that by doing some weight training they were able to alleviate the pain of their arthritis almost as effectively as some of their medications.
  • Reduce risk. Any form of exercise helps to decrease the risk of heart disease. It also reduces high cholesterol or the development of high cholesterol.
  • Increased stamina. The body will build up more energy the stronger it becomes and you will not become as tired as quickly or easily.

Keep Exercising to Keep the Benefits

People who were once active and built up muscle with continued exercise and use of those muscles. Once someone who was active physically stops exercising, that muscle turns quickly into fat and is hard to get rid of. It is best to stay with an exercise routine because it makes getting back to the lean body they once had, somewhat more difficult. The benefits begin to decrease and reverse on a person who stops working out. Metabolism will decrease but your appetite might stay the same, requiring the same amount of food but not properly burning it off. It is best for a great looking body to stay with an exercise plan.

Weight Training is Key

Including weight training in your routine exercise plan is important because it is the missing piece of the exercise puzzle. It helps someone to run longer distances for longer amounts of time because there is increased stamina and their muscles are properly conditioned.


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