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June 27, 2012 at 2:26 PMComments: 2 Faves: 0

Trainer Bounds' 5 Minute Beach Blast!

By Cornelius Bounds, CPT More Blogs by This Author

Pounding the weights for months and grinding out reps year round in the gym can be heaven for some fitness enthusiasts. I can definitely relate, not such a bad mind set to have. On the other hand, some fitness goers prefer outdoor fitness whether on vacation, chillaxn at the pool, or near the lake. That doesn’t sound so bad either. We don’t have to alienate ourselves spending countless hours in the gym this summer. How about having the best of both worlds? Bring your workout with you; lets hit the beach!

The Misconception

Sunrise Beach BlastA huge misconception that many people have is that you must have fitness equipment to train. Why not try the beach? It’s perfect. It’s a fully equipped facility that offers countless training challenges which employ cardio, full body workouts, AND….. minimizes your gym time!

Does anyone remember Rocky III, with Rocky and Apollo Creed sprinting down the beach? If you are beach bound for vacation, or living at the lake for the summer, compliment your indoor workout routine by doing sand or water agilities.

Another Illusion

Disguise your workout as fun. After you’ve stretched and warmed up, try out this modified 5 to 10 minute circuit that anyone can plunge into. It will work both the lower body (glutes, quads, thighs, hamstrings, and calves) and upper body (arms, core, and chest).

  • Squat (Stationary): 30 seconds                     
  • Hop and Jump Squats (Stationary or Kangaroo): 30 secondsBeach Blast Beach Misconception
  • Pushups: 10-15
  • Bicycle Crunches: 30 seconds
  • Plank 30 seconds: From pushup position, reston your toes, keep your back straight, and your stomach off the ground
  • Lunges: 30 seconds (stationary or walking) keep your arms out laterally
  • Squats 30 reps
  • Regular crunches 30 reps
  • Pushups 10-15 reps

(Time 3:30 to 5 minutes)  

Repeat circuit twice for a 10 minute workout.

For the cool down, jump in the water for a little freestyle swim. Have Fun!

Keep in mind. Everyone’s anatomical make up varies, and running on terrains other than the grass or a track can make some individuals more susceptible to injury. To avoid injuries:

  • Don’t do too much, too fast
  • Stretch
  • Wear shoes (for people with weak arches in the feet)
  • Beware of the temperature - STAY HYDRATED, avoid running during the hottest part of the day
  • Watch for holes in the sand

“Always keep an open mind and a compassionate heart.”

                                                     -Phil Jackson

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  • Who doesnt love the beach! Its a two for one. I always feel better after a dip in the water. The Rocky movies will definetly get you pumped up! Raw workouts are great.

  • Good idea! Sand volleyball is always much more exhausting than indoor and its more fun cause it's easier to take a dive!

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