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Retain Muscle Mass with "Biggest Loser" Workouts

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On the television show, The Biggest Loser, contestants battle for who will lose the most weight during a certain period of time. Although televised programming might be considered a non-reality, the methods that the show uses can actually be applied to general weight loss. In fact, the results of the training were impressive enough to cause an investigation by the Pennington Biomedical Research Center, where it was discovered that the contestants went from an average of 49 percent body fat to 27 percent body fat.

"Loser" Statistics

Based on the Pennington Biomedical Research Center's recent analysis, the contestants of The Biggest Loser lost an average of 128 pounds. Interestingly, 81 percent of the loss was body fat, compared to only a 19 percent loss of fat-free mass, which was mostly comprised of muscle. This is significant because it points to one of the reasons why the contestants have been successful in losing such large amounts of weight.

Metabolism, Training, and Fat Burning

It has been reported that The Biggest Loser uses a boot camp style of intense training. Two important factors are combined with this style: cardio and strength training. Unlike performing aerobics alone, the added benefit of strength training allows a person to retain and develop their muscle mass. Since muscles are much more efficient at burning calories, the increased strength also improves the weight loss process. The body's most metabolically active tissue is muscle mass. When people make the mistake of dieting without exercising, they run the risk of losing their muscle strength and compromising the way fat is burned. However, if the person builds their muscle strength, they stand a better chance to lose weight faster. Additional muscle development will also provide strength for other activities, including work, sports, and everyday tasks. Boot camp training has become very popular for its excitement and effectiveness. Moving from one exercise to the next keeps the body in constant motion and raises the metabolism substantially. Plus, the aerobics aspect of the program delivers the essential cardio for optimal heart and lungs health.


As with any fitness routine, a boot camp works the best when it is performed on a regular basis. Many people will select the boot camp as their weight loss solution as part of a class. Others who prefer to exercise alone can still take advantage of a boot camp program with videos that are available. Watching a video makes it possible to get the same workout at home or wherever it is convenient. Stretching must be done to reduce the risk of injuries, especially when exercising at the intensity level of a boot camp. Check with your doctor before starting any new fitness program to find the right movements for your particular goals and situation. Begin slowly and gradually work up to the full length of the exercise sessions. Losing weight can be fun and rewarding if it is done correctly. The prevention of obesity helps people experience more energy, less illness, and a better outlook in life.


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