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Finding a Personal Trainer — an article on the Smart Living Network
November 2, 2010 at 1:00 PMComments: 0 Faves: 0

Finding a Personal Trainer


A successful exercise program often depends on the instruction a person is given. For many, having a personal trainer provides them with the knowledge and motivation needed to reach their fitness goals. Searching for a personal trainer might seem like a complicated or time consuming task, but it is one that will be well worth it in the long run. To simplify the process, think about all of the qualifications a personal trainer should have in order to help you.


When you talk with a trainer, pay close attention to what they are saying, but more importantly, watch for the way they listen to you. Ideally, a trainer would be very interested in what you are saying, so that they can learn about you and your exercise program needs. If they seem disinterested or attempt to rush you in any way while you are speaking, that is a sign that they will not be invested in the outcome of your workouts. It is absolutely essential that a trainer is open to customizing the program according to your specific level and requirements. Too many trainers simply design similar plans for every client, no matter what they are trying to accomplish. This might speed up the process for them and make their job a lot easier, but it will not give you the detailed approach you need to ensure your own personal success.

Areas of Expertise

Although you might logically assume that every personal trainer would be qualified to instruct people about exercising, you would be surprised at how many are not. Always check the credentials of someone before they start working with you. Find out where they received their training, if that place is accredited, and what their fields of study were. In addition, your trainer should have certification/training in CPR and first aid. Without the proper background, the advice they give might be well-intentioned, yet still dangerous if followed. Also, try to find a trainer that can relate to your situation. For example, in weight loss, it might be advantageous if you worked with someone who has lost weight or has been in your position. At the very least, they should have an extensive background in dealing with burning calories, nutrition, and body types. Considering a trainer who has knowledge of multiple areas is another option. By understanding all aspects of exercising, such as cardio and strength training, they are much more likely to look at all possible training methods. With that type of experience, they are skilled at selecting the right program for you and can explain the reasons why it would be effective.


Last, but certainly not least, is the inspiring effect that a personal trainer should have on you. Besides making sure that you are performing all of the movements correctly, a good trainer will motivate you to do your best with every repetition. They will know how to keep you excited with the routine and prevent you from getting bored. Spend some time talking with a personal trainer you are considering and see how comfortable you are around them. Find out if they are willing to work with you and your doctor on any concerns you have. And do not rush when making your decision. This is about your health, and deserves enough time and information that allows you to make the best choice possible.


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