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March 21, 2014 at 2:58 PMComments: 0 Faves: 0

Exercise Death-match

By Dayton from SLN More Blogs by This Author

Exercising is essential. If we don't exercise, be it mentally or physically, we will inevitably be killed to death from our own inactivity. Lesson? Move your body and use your mind. Continue to grow. Next month, a better person should be possessing the life you lead. Next year, you are a vastly superior being than your prior existence. This is me trying to be inspirational. Be inspired.

I would love to impart sage wisdom and show every reader how to keep their mind in peak condition, but I'm still trying to figure that out myself. I will instead, however, give a bit of insight regarding physical fitness. Everyone has a different body type. When I say every, I mean there are a handful of different body types, and it's doubtful that you are an exception. Though everyone's body reacts a little bit differently, and goals vary from person to person, I hope my experience moves you to kick life's face in.

Awesome Workouts You Should Do


Kris Gethin's DTP is an amazing 4 week program that can break up the monotony of a lifting regimen gone stale. The program promotes a massive attack of supplement stacks that seem a bit over-the-top, but the core principles of these 4 weeks work. DTP is a building program that is also designed to tone simultaneously. Kris Gethin claims a lifter could put on the same amount of muscle in 4 weeks as a "regular" routine could in 6 months to a year (that's total bull). Though DTP doesn't involve miracle movements that make you ripped immediately (haha because stupid), it is a great way to build mass and definition.

because, beats yo.

Here's how it works. Every day is an exercising day, 4 days of the week are lifting days and 3 days are cardio days. On lifting days, there are usually only 2-5 exercises that are performed, but the set/rep ratios are trying to both build and tone your muscles. For example, on leg day, the only exercises that are performed are leg presses superset with calf raises and leg raises (abdominal exercises don't have a dedicated day, but sneak in throughout the program). The first set, which is basically a warm-up set, is composed of 50 reps of leg press, and then superset (no rest) with 40 reps of calf raises. At the end of the 90 straight reps, your legs are burning. After a 45 second rest, up the weight, decrease the reps by 10 and repeat. Do this all the way until you are doing 10 leg presses and 10 calf raises, failing on the last rep(s).Then you go back up. Do everything you just did, but in reverse, ending with the 90 rep cumulative superset. In theory, your muscles should have gotten the most "complete" workout, hitting every available muscle fiber.

The 3 days in between lifting days, DTP constrains protein consumption a bit from the lifting days and the focus is put on interval training cardio. The reason is to keep fat from creeping on to your body as you consume an unreal sum of calories and to maintain cardiovascular endurance, letting you lift longer uninterrupted.

After doing DTP for 4 weeks, I throughly enjoyed the process and the results. In just 4 weeks I made some pretty good gains and noticed increased tone throughout my body. I'm not hanging on to DTP for more than 4 weeks, because I feel like having such a limited amount of exercises (albeit high intensity ones) would quickly slip into plateau, and might even lead to a severely under-enthused approach to the gym. That being said, when I want to break from the norm a bit, or am changing routines, DTP may be a short regimen that can shock my body that I can perform in the interim.

Check out DTP and more of Kris Gethin's stuff.

The Arnold Blueprint

Ery-body know Arnold. He was the governor of California, an accomplished(?) actor, but above all he is the icon of bodybuilding. Slightly lesser known, he also made a massive sandwich on his personally owned M47 Patton tank. The Arnold Blueprint is built around the core building blocks that Arnold used himself, integrating not only classic signature workouts, but also historical facts that give insight into the legacy that is Arnold Schwarzenegger. Different from DTP, the Arnold approach takes a much more conventional approach to building mass. Using an 8 week format, the Arnold Blueprint has you lifting 6 straight days and resting on day 7. Each week is actually the same cycle repeated, going from chest/back, shoulders/arms, legs, and then repeat. The cool thing about the program is that each week has slight variations in exercises and pretty big differences in the set/rep ratios. It keeps you on edge.

the scary monster man wants a hug.

What I don't like about the Arnold program is that it employs quite a few exercises that are very notorious for being hard on joints and I find myself substituting a few of them. Shoulder day is really difficult to get through too, not that the lifts are any harder than chest or leg day, but it's just sooo longggg....and it annoys me sometimes haha.

Happy Lifting! :D

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