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Change Up Your Workout

By Dayton from SLN More Blogs by This Author

Exercising can be a ton of fun, to some of us at least. To me, a specific exercise, or workout as a whole, needs to be interesting and really feel like it is doing something to me for it to be fun and worthwhile. As it turns out, if an exercise isn't stimulating the person that is performing said exercise, it is probably doing little good. Rarely do I find myself getting a great workout when I'm on "autopilot."

All this being said, I am far from being a fitness guru, but I frequent my local gym and have an insatiable need to stay in some sort of good health and level of fitness. Regardless of the level of physical education I profess to carry, I wanted to share a few workouts that I love to throw in that mix stuff up! Every few weeks I'm trying new stuff!

Kettlebell Swings

Kettlebell swings are exactly what they sound like, it involves taking a kettlebell and swinging it around. Since trying to explain workouts with text is stupid (like seriously, how can anyone ever figure out an exercise from just text?) here is a video that shows exactly what I am talking about from a man that is adamant he knows EXACTLY what the heck is up.


I love that kettlebell swinging makes me work a pretty large majority of my body. If I need a quick little boost of energy thrown in I will do about 30 reps to jumpstart my body. Some days it's about getting over mental blocks in the gym, doing this exercise typically makes me want to move around more.

Oblique Bends

Everyone wants a strong core, right? Having strong abdominals and obliques should help out performing other exercises. Oblique bends are super easy and they are really great to make your middle section do work without having to think too much. Here is a video from a happy asian man, because again, reading how to do an exercise is dumb. 


I love that asian man :D! He is my hero. What I love about this exercise is that it really revs up the core and it can be performed basically anywhere! Are you by a bench press? Grab a plate and start some reps! It can be done with a plate, dumbbell, kettlebell, or even a rock...assuming its like in a plastic bag or something. Above all, it's a great exercise that works the obliques!


When I'm feeling all down and whiney and don't want to do stuff, typically I stop feeling all down and whiney. When just NOT feeling all down and whiney isn't an option, I get on a treadmill and SPRINT! I'm sure there is a bunch of technique that goes into proper foot striking and stuff, and I would love to tell you what that is! Instead, I will send you to a video of a man that you can emulate!


When I do a nice 2 minute sprint, it gets my heart rate up without having to think about it and makes me more pumped for my workout. Sometimes I do interval training, going from a light jog to a sprint and back again a few times. All that being said, this doesn't really dominate my workout, my focus usually is on the lifting.

Kettlebell Figure Eight

I don't know why, but I have been a little obsessed with kettlebells lately. This exercise requires a bit of coordination, but it's super fun! This is the exercise that I do when I feel the need to be EXTRA creative. There is a small chance that I can straight up tear my knees that makes things more interesting! Here's how to do it!


Lesson here? If you wear a half zip athletic jacket thing you might be HALF as cool as that guy. This exercise really works the legs and core, which is super great because everyone uses those every day! :D! Except paralyzed people...sorry paralyzed people...

Static Bicep Curls

If I am working out my arms, I love doing this exercise! The static part of these are really frustrating, but at the same time that's what makes it fun! I would love to give you a great instructional video all about static curling, but I found this strange man instead! WATCH!


Admit you were at least a little entertained by that!

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