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Pushups are great, all that is needed to do them is yourself and the ground. Learn how to do them correctly and reap the benefits of a proper pushup!

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  • I want rocket shoes now. Then I would do pushups.

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Step 1

Maintain good posture, make sure your butt isn't too high or too low. Put your hands about shoulder width apart directly under the plane of the shoulders (not way out in front of you).

Step 2

Keep your core tight and look somewhere a few feet in front of you.

Step 3

While going down make sure to inhale and maintain good form. Be very controlled and take about 2 seconds to complete the first part of the motion.

Step 4

Keep pressure on the outside of the hands for the best stability and ensure a full motion, it's usually good to touch your chest to the floor. 3/4 sleeves optional but recommended.

Step 5

Go all the way up and exhale while doing so, this motion should be quicker than the prior, about 1 second. Impress your friends with good pushups and rocket shoes.

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