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Weight lifting is frequently overlooked in the aerobic-centric fitness world that we currently live in. Far too often is weight lifting looked at only as a means to get huge, when it is really so much more. In the lifting group we discuss the benefits and proper procedures that come with a solid weight lifting regimen, as well as dissecting how that regimen fits in the larger scheme of fitness and health.

A Workout Plan for Leaner, Tighter Abs

The abdominals are a popular focus for workout enthusiasts as a sculpted midsection can be very impressive. Besides the obvious visual benefits a toned abdomen… Read More ▶

Trainer Bounds' 20 Minute Cardio Workout

While I'd love it if everyone did, unfortunately, not everyone has time for a 90 minute workout. So, for those with limited time, I keep… Read More ▶

Home Gym: Get in Shape Without a Gym Membership

Can't afford a gym membership? You can get the exercise you need at home! Here's how: Read More ▶

[Extreme Existence] The Cool Down: 7 Tips for Post-Exercise Recovery

Exercise is great, but in order for it to be fully beneficial we need to take care of our bodies after we exercise. Here are… Read More ▶

Top 10 Weight Training Tips

Whether you are trying to lose weight, pump up your physique or just include it as part of your regular exercise routine, it is important… Read More ▶

BMI Formula: Weight over Height Squared

Instead of going to the gym and randomly doing exercises on your own, your BMI allows to make necessary tweaks to your fitness regimen that… Read More ▶

Fitness Myths For Women: Strength Training and Psychosocial Stresses

Many social stresses and stimulants come from television movies and fashion magazines which try to paint a perfect image of what should or shouldn #39… Read More ▶

Women In The Weight Room

Whether your workouts consist of simple circuits, chest workout, or squats... no matter what your regimen may be, don't let your apprehension keep you away… Read More ▶

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