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Foods That Help with Lupus Symptoms

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Are There Foods That Help with lupus?

Yes! These foods are easy to find in your local supermarket, and you may be surprised at how delicious they are!

What Are They?

Lupus symptoms seem to be alleviated when certain foods are added to a diet. Do any of these sound appealing:

  • Balanced menu: This includes fish, low-fat milk, unprocessed grains and cereals, and yogurt.
  • Calcium-rich foods: Including cheese, milk, milk products, tofu, salmon, soups made with cream, and soybeans.
  • Chicken: Will add omega-3 fatty acids.
  • Drinks: Adequate liquid intake is important. This may include coffee, cold drinks, fruit juice, and tea. The daily liquid intake should equal 10 glasses.
  • High potassium diet. You can eat every delicious fruit and every vegetable!
  • Iron-rich foods
  • Legumes: Beans and peas
  • Low carbohydrate/high complex carbohydrate foods: This will help you control your weight and will flush excess fluid.
  • Organ meats: Will add omega-3 fatty acids.
  • Proteins: These foods may actually offset osteoporosis.
  • Seeds: This includes flax, hemp, and pumpkin.
  • Vitamin B6: This vitamin is found in whole grain cereals and foods that already exist in this list.
  • Vitamin C: Learn which of your favorite foods are high in vitamin C.
  • Vitamin D: Include foods that are mainly from animals.
  • Zinc: Try eggs, meat, oysters, poultry, and seafood.

This new menu will include omega-3 fatty acids and allay inflammation symptoms common in lupus patients. You will learn a healthier way to cook when you delete salt and replace it with herbs, lemon juice, and spices. Some medications contain salt, though, so beware.

In a Nutshell, What Should I Eat?

75% of the foods you should eat if you suffer from lupus can be conveniently grouped under a single title. This group is called "alkalizing foods." Nuts, cinnamon, sea salt, lean chicken breast, green tea, cottage cheese, fat-free cottage cheese, free range eggs, most fruits, ginger, herbal tea, organic yogurt, seeds, garlic, and most vegetables are defined as alkalizing foods. For the remaining 25% of your food options, they should be "acidifying foods," which include beans, beef, dairy products, duck, fats, lamb, legumes, lobster, oils, pasta, pork, shrimp, tuna, and turkey.

Foods That Aggravate Lupus

Be sure to completely rid your diet of the following foods.

  • Animal fats
  • Cholesterol
  • Fatty meats like beef and pork
  • High-fat dairy products
  • High-fat foods
  • Hydrogenated oils
  • Low-saturated fats

Why Is This Diet Important?

It's important to eat foods that have been shown to help with lupus because you need to focus on foods that target the wellness of your immune system. A proper diet is one area that you can control your lupus.

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  • I just learned recently that I have lupus and still learning to live with it.

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