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Are There High Blood Pressure Symptoms — an article on the Smart Living Network
December 28, 2009 at 5:44 AMComments: 0 Faves: 0

Are There High Blood Pressure Symptoms


It's hard to talk about the symptoms of high blood pressure because there aren't that many symptoms of the condition. Some people with hypertension (high blood pressure) experience headaches more often, complain of migraine pain, some vision and breathing problems as well as dizziness or nausea. Other people with the condition experience no symptoms at all. This makes it very hard to accurately diagnose the condition as it progresses.

Signs of Hypertension

Hypertension is labeled the "silent killer" among medical conditions. For many people, the first sign that they may have hypertension is when they go for a regular checkup and the doctor notices a higher than usual blood pressure reading. The doctor will want to monitor your readings over a few visits and compare them to see if you have high blood pressure.

Men and Women with high blood pressure

Your blood pressure is at its lowest when you're sleeping and at its highest when exercising or when you're under any stress. About one quarter of the male population have high blood pressure and eighteen percent of females. Few of them are aware of their condition and when finding out, very few receive adequate medical treatment for their condition. Many people feel that high blood pressure is a temporary condition and if they just slow down and try not to stress too much, the condition will pass. Of course, this will only help a small amount to lower the readings, with the main condition still very much active in their bodies.

High blood pressure and other conditions

our doctor will also want to know if you have any other medical conditions that may increase the risk of developing or worsening the high blood pressure condition. High cholesterol readings, diabetes, obesity, smoking and inactivity will all contribute to the severity of any high blood pressure condition. A family history of heart disease or strokes will also send up a red flag when your doctor is checking your medical history. Doctors are professionals that are trained to look for any conditions in your medical past that may contribute to the hypertension issues.

High blood pressure and major health risks

People with high blood pressure are far more likely to have heart disease and stroke problems than others with more normal pressure readings. In the majority of cases, when a person is diagnosed with high blood pressure, the causes are unknown. This is called Primary (or essential) hypertension.

Secondary Hypertention

Secondary hypertension is generally associated with underlying medical conditions such as kidney disease or other hereditary conditions which affect the circulatory system and may cause high blood pressure. Sometimes the underlying cause can be corrected and this will help alleviate the hypertension to an extent. It may even help to lower the readings to normal levels again.


By diagnosing and properly treating the condition, many years can be added to a person's life who suffers from high blood pressure. By using medications to control high blood pressure, a person can also decrease the risk of developing heart and stroke conditions. Having even a small increase in your blood pressure can have an effect on your life expectancy if allowed to go untreated.


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