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You level up your character — an article on the Smart Living Network
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You level up your character


Be sure to get each of the Space battle quests from your terminal near the map / pilot seat. Once you complete the room battles, daily space battle quests will end up available to you atgamereasy. These must be repeated as frequently as possible because they reward awesome XP.

Not all battles will probably be available initially but new ones can become available because you level up your character, What you are seeing could be the balancing mirror effect, in doing what Bioware has chosen to balance the classes from a single faction to an alternative. It seems they've chosen to possess certain classes mirror the other person in an attempt to make combat as fair as is possible between the Imperial for the Republic factions.Sinking specialization into those main stats above is best suited for until you plunge into the higher levels and also you start to see gear with bonuses with abilities like surge by way of example. At this time those will be the abilities I like to visualize as your secondary stats.

With Normal Leveling: Just setting off and level the standard way. When you want, head back and do space missions until youre sick of them then go level outside again. This will help you stay slightly before the curve when leveling and leveling can get easier and faster.

If you might be finding your gear are at a low level along with the gear youre getting from questing isnt maintaining, see a combat part of the fleet. There will be vendors that sell armor modifications for any wide variety of levels.Armor modifications ingame are known as Armorings, Modifications, Enhancements, and Barrels and Hilts. These are things with stats that come with them you can put in your armor so it will be stronger .You can only put mods into certain bits of gear, and you also usually cant position them into gear you grabbed off the ground which has a green or blue border around its icon.If you decide up a bit of moddable gear you truly like, you can wearing it even right until level 50 in the event you just upgrade the mods.

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