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You can stick to it and enjoy it — an article on the Smart Living Network
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You can stick to it and enjoy it


At level 20, you ought to have a good idea of the a class is a lot like. Starting over once youve gotten to 20 is not a huge problem. It is a small time investment after all this, and its more vital to be playing a class you prefer. Find a class you like so that you can stick to it and enjoy it.


You wont have the capacity to equip Artifact gear until level 51 should you not purchase an unlock with Cartel Coins or in the Galactic Trade Market. This is fine, Artifact gear is not needed. Sell the crooks to a vendor or about the Galactic Trade Market. Youll just be more credits!


If you have North America and live to your east, youll wish to choose the Star Forge Server. If you live close to the west youll desire to choose the Satele Shan Server. If you live in Europe and speak English, youll need to choose Darth Malgus, when you speak French choose The Leviathan and in the event you speak German choose Tulak Hord. All new england servers will be merged into Star Forge, all west coast servers are now being merged into Satele Shan, the European language servers will be merged into one server each respectively.


A free to learn game really isnt free to try out. Essentially, the action developer (Bioware) is paying you to learn with their paying customers. Your compensation is game amount of time in the form of a forex account with some restrictions. So you are working for your developer, creating vibrant and lively player-filled servers. This guide will assist you to make the very best of those restrictions, and aid you in getting to 50/55/65 while using most fun, while making the very best use of your time and effort and resources. I hate wasting time, so I have organized what I found to be the top strategies below.

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You can stick to it and enjoy it article

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