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Why Have Annual Furnace Inspections?

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Summer is a great time to get out there and enjoy the outdoors, but those beautiful (and chilly) autumn and winter months are just around the corner. Your heating and cooling system needs to be ready to tackle all sorts of different weather throughout the year. Is your system prepared? Here are some important reasons you should have annual furnace inspections.

Why is getting a furnace inspection important?

Annual furnace inspections and tune ups are vital. Without yearly cleaning or inspection, your system can wear out very quickly. Preventative maintenance is key for homeowners when it comes to keeping your furnace unit in top working condition. In addition, if damage occurs to the furnace as a result of improper maintenance or a complete lack of maintenance, it’s likely that warranties on the furnace won’t be covered.  

What will the tune-up include?

HVAC professionals will do a full inspection of the unit and identify any problems that might be happening. If there are components or parts that are starting to wear down because of a lot of use, they will be replaced. In addition, they will clean the furnace and make sure there is no excess dirt, debris, or dust build up that will negatively affect the performance of the unit. They will also make sure the air cleaners, vents, and humidifiers are ready to go.

What are the benefits of furnace inspections?

If your system has not been checked for a while, there is likely some friction or build up in the machine that will cause it to slow down and be less efficient. After a good cleaning, the furnace will work more efficiently, will have the potential to last longer, and you might even see a decrease in your energy bills. Furthermore, when the system isn’t working at its peak performance level, it probably isn’t keeping you as comfortable as possible. Once the machine is back to its optimal working condition, the heating and cooling elements will work better, be accurate, and will keep your home at the temperature you designate.    

Before the weather starts cooling down, beat the rush for service and get on the schedule for your yearly furnace inspection. Investigating potential problem areas on the furnace and finding solutions will save you money down the road!

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