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Whats Hot in Bathroom Design

By IslaWright More Blogs by This Author

Would you like to learn what some new trends when it comes to bathroom design are? There are several things you can do that are very popular in 2019 to make your bathroom look like a picture from a top interior design magazine. Enjoy reading about these up-to-date styles that you may find inspiring.

Black color is in

Whenever you go for black, you cannot make a mistake. Since this is the most elegant color, it looks great no matter what we do with it. That is why you can experiment with it even when planning what to do with your bathroom. Black is bold and daring, and you can either mix a lot of black with some white, or you can do it the other way around for a great result. White tiles that go together with black details look stylish. There are splendid combinations of white sinks and black vanities and mirrors. Some choose to unite a black wall with all the white features. You can either go for a glossy or matte dark look both look incredible and modern.

Take a peek at some beautiful audacious black bathroom designs.

Modernized look of industrial vanities

Sinks and sink cabinets play a very significant role in ones bathroom. In 2019, the popularity of industrial sinks and vanities has increased, and it is believed that more and more people will like seeing something like this in their bathroom. It goes perfectly with matte black fixtures, just like with gold or brass accents and some fun tiles of your preference. They say this urbanized style is great if you have a smaller apartment.

If you want to keep your modern-looking sink in order, learn about blocked drains Perth services that you might need. You should know a good team of plumbing specialists that will help you if you are dealing with any kind of problems they can solve.

Warm wooden tones

No matter if your bathroom is light or dark colored, wooden accents are great whatever they are combined with. Theres something about this look that makes you feel warm and cozy, and that is why it has become so popular lately. What people install the most these days are sink cabinets made of wood of various shades, with everyone choosing what best fits other features in their bathroom. If you like the idea of vintage and industrial trends, they can be merged with wooden tones and it will look perfect!

Looking pink and gold and pretty

We know that girls prefer adding a lot of pink color more than boys, but did you know that this is actually quite trendy this year? One option is to try out pink wallpaper that goes great with white tiles and black features, but other combinations with this color can also look as if they were coming right out of a dream. For example, gold accents and unique pattern tiles with a pinch of pink look eye-poppingly beautiful as well.

Spacious bathrooms with open showers

If you want your bathroom to look like it has more space than it does, open showers make it happen. Aside from visually increasing the size of ones bathroom, they also look more modern and they are definitely the future of bathrooms. The only flaw is that you might feel like you do not have enough privacy.

Mirrors get much attention this year

One more thing that is quite trendy this year is putting a lot of focus onto your mirror. If you want to follow this fashion, pick one that is interesting and make a statement. It should be unique and personal, and you can find your inspiration while checking out some asymmetrical and advanced mirrors.

The bathroom might not be the room where we spend most of our time, but why not make it look as good as possible and follow the latest fashion if we can afford it? There are so many cool ideas and looks that are motivating, and we can make ours look like that as well. Well just do it the way we like it the most, putting features, tiles and other details that attract our attention more than anything else.


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