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What You Should Know About Termites and Ants?

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You wont believe, but people often get confused with ants and termites. Really? Yes, it is true. Because there are some similarities between these two creatures. Well, they might look similar, but there are a few things to differentiate these two creepy crawlers. Here in this article we will let you know how to know you have Ants in your house or termites along with the tips on how to get rid of them.


They are commonly known as the wood destroying insects, because they consume wood. Well, the different types of termites eat different things, but they can cause your home repair cost to skyrocket. Moisture attracts the termites the most. While ants search for food, the termites look for wood, paper and other cellulose origins for survival. Termites transform fallen, decaying wood into compost, which will enrich the earths soil.

It is said that termite control is effective when taken care of during the early stage. If you see the signs of termite infestation at your home then you should immediately call a pest control company to remove them.


Ants are really frustrating when they enter in your home and the worst part about them is that they live in large colonies or groups. And this means that you can have millions of ants in your house. There are basically three kinds of ants in a colony the queen, the female workers and males. The queen is the only ant that can lay eggs in the group. And it is the job of the male ants to mate with future queen ants.

Although some ants find a home in wood, which is known as carpenter ants, they do eat the structure of the wood like a termite. But, this is the reason why people get confused with ants and termites. Some ants have wings as well like the termites. Ants have short life span whereas termites can live for over a decade.

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If the termites will attack the structure of your home, the ants infest kitchen in the search of the food. Well, no matter whether you have termites or ants in your home, you should immediately call a pest control company for pest control in Noida your home. The best way to get rid of these pests is calling the exterminators in the early stage. They can develop right pest management plan and by using effective pesticides and insecticides they will remove the pests from your place.

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