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What To Look In A Free Online Property Management software?

By Pearl Smith More Blogs by This Author

These days, the internet has become the best platform to look for a variety of information. There are millions of websites offering an extensive range of products and services. There are a few property management websites that provide free online property management software. Now, there are several options available that might confuse making it difficult to choose the one that is ideally suited as per precise requirements.

Before moving ahead, it is imperative to note that not all software is available for free. Some paid software provides users with a free version. It must be understood that such version allows users to manage just one property or allow to use a few basic features. If the user like working on this software, he will buy the paid product. There is no need to lose heart if you are unable to buy the paid version. There are free software options that offer comprehensive solutions. Check out for the below mentioned features to choose a solution that best suits your needs.

Features to check before using a free property management software

When choosing a software solution, check if the following features is available in them.

Comprehensive Online Property Listings:

Look for a software that allow users to create comprehensive online property listings that also include in-depth lease terms, flexible image galleries, and detailed information on policies related to pets and available amenities. Moreover, the solution must also allow users to host these listings on partner sites for free. The software must have a property tab or category where information about property unit like type, location, available units, documents, photos, etc., can be uploaded and available for perusal. Some software also offers personal information like email address, contact number, license plate number, additional income, gross pay, etc.

Create a Rental Platform:

Look for a platform that allow potential renters to create a detailed profile that includes all personal information. This information may be his salary, employment, references, up to date credit reports and more. A short bio can be uploaded on the platform along with an application. This help property managers to find more about the applicants and decide if they should be considered for tenancy.

Online Rent Collection:

The software solution you are planning to choose must allow users to collect rent online. This feature is quite important and makes the task of every landlord easier and efficient than ever. The landlord can also get detailed information about past and incoming charges and charge the same to the tenants directly. The payment tool can record payment transactions for future reference.

Tenant Credit Report Card:

Some software allows landlords to get hold of a comprehensive tenant credit report card that gives a glimpse into his financial strength, his history of making rental payments on time and more. This help landlords to make a well-informed decision.

Many software is coming up with features that allow storage and document signing. It also aloe expense and income tracking. Thus, when choosing a free property management software, look for these features and make the right choice.

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