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Voodoo Spells For Money, 5 Things To Know — an article on the Smart Living Network
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Voodoo Spells For Money, 5 Things To Know


So you want to know about voodoo spells for money? Many people believe that voodoo is only used for mainly bad reasons, this is very broad. Many spells are cast to produce positive results, below are 5 points to ponder when using religion for financial Voodoo.
Before casting any spell, a circle must first be formed. This circle has a dual purpose, the first is to praise the relevant Lwa of religion before the spell is cast, and second for the protection of the caster within the circle. The circle should form in an area away from the break.The altar items needed to cast a spell are sea salt, candles (green for money), circle tools such as an altar chalice, cast iron cauldron, snake knife, brass wiccan bell, drum rattle, candle holders. three skulls, incense, and a burner (can be purchased through online supply companies), ingredients for his spell, and an offering to the Lwas (ancient spirits). Some pieces of fruit will be ideal for the spirit offering.The color of spells for casting for money is green. Greens are used to bring luck in the areas of prosperity, fertility, and employment.The best day of the week to perform a voodoo spell for money is Friday. This will add extra energy to the spell.There are various voodoo spells for money and there must be a reason given for your request during the casting of the spell as the spells differ. There are, for example, the spells The Coin and the Candle, The Rich Week, The Urgent Money, Bringing Money Home and Lottery Luck.

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