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    The Pros and Cons of PODS vs. Traditional Storage

    Are you looking for ways to store or transport your stuff? These days, you have options! Here you’ll learn the difference between the good ole’ traditional storage places and those PODS you’ve been hearing so much about. Let’s weigh the pros and cons, shall we?

    When you think about getting a storage space, most of us picture ourselves hauling our items to a secured facility with rows and rows of self-service spaces. This is still a great way to go, but now, you can also consider having a portable container delivered to your home so you can load and unload right in your driveway.

    When trying to decide which option is right for you, like we all do, you list the pros and cons of each. So here we go:

    Traditional Self-Storage

    Many of these highly recognizable facilities will have locations that are convenient for you, but to find the best price you may have to choose a place on the outskirts of town.  

    The Pros

    • You can choose from all kinds of size options, from as small as 5’x8’ to as large as your first apartment.
    • Many offer garage-style units that you can drive right up to, which are great when you have big things like couches. Others are located within a building which offers an extra layer of security.
    • Most of these facilities are climate-controlled and secured to keep your belongings safe.
    • You can usually access your stuff anytime you want during business hours, and some will even offer you a gate code for after-hours access.

    The Cons

    • Spaces are subject to availability.
    • You go to them instead of them coming to you.
    • You have to load and then unload your stuff to get it into storage.
    • Once you find a new place for your stuff, you can’t simply ship it, you’ll have to load and unload again.

    Portable Storage Containers

    “PODS” is the most well-known company that will deliver a metal container to your property for you to load. But a few other companies exist that will do the same, such as DoorToDoor, BigBox and PackRat.

    The Pros

    • The unit is delivered to your home and picked up again later on.
    • Containers come in a variety of sizes, up to 8’ x 16.’
    • You only have to load your stuff once.
    • When you’re finished loading it, the company can store your unit for you in a secured facility.

    The Cons

    • Renting a portable container is more expensive than traditional storage, and it also typically costs more to have the company store your container once it’s loaded.
    • The company may not allow you to access to your belongings any time you want.
    • Depending on city codes, you may not be able to keep the container on your street.
    • While the container rests at your home, it may not be 100% secure from theft and vandalism.

    After considering the advantages and disadvantages, I hope you’re closer to choosing the storage option that’s right for you!

    Sara Thompson writes about all kinds of lifestyle, health, and home topics. This article was written with help from Master Movers Moving & Storage in Portland, Oregon. For more moving tips, check out their Blog


    • Thank you for the insight on storage containers. I was able to help my parents move from Minnesota to Texas through a storage container unit through U Pack. Just like you mentioned they don’t offer the loading or unloading and since my parents could not load the container I hired some movers for cheap at Moving Help Center, which was great because they had a coupon for U pack and I got $60 off. Over all I would say its so much easier to move with a storage container because its cheaper than a full moving company and my parents did not have to drive a truck by themselves.

    • Thanks for your insights, Ruth!

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